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Ben Cohen to Compete on UK's 'Dancing with the Stars': PHOTO


Rugby star and LGBT ally and anti-bullying activist Ben Cohen will compete on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing, the show which was exported to the U.S. as Dancing with the Stars.

Wrote Cohen on Facebook of the above photo: "Here you go. Me in my Lycra's and a bit of Sequins!! Hehe."

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  1. omg he is seriously just the most adorable man alive

    Posted by: JMC | Sep 3, 2013 2:21:36 PM

  2. I am so looking forward to this — finally some sunny news in an otherwise drab universe… and I bet he'll dance with aplomb (and lots of cuteness)

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | Sep 3, 2013 2:34:42 PM

  3. These performance/reality series are not my cup of tea, but I would watch the hell out this!

    Posted by: jayb3369 | Sep 3, 2013 2:37:05 PM

  4. So stupid, pathetic, and ridiculous.

    Posted by: DB | Sep 3, 2013 2:42:47 PM

  5. Ben is such a great guy, I bet he's going to have a blast.

    As for DB, ha your comment is a reflection in and of itself.

    Posted by: Rafael | Sep 3, 2013 2:56:59 PM

  6. Ben is just the most cuddlesome bear-cub who ever drew breath.

    Posted by: Chaz | Sep 3, 2013 3:03:05 PM

  7. How's about Ben in just a little bit of Lycra?!

    Posted by: Ken | Sep 3, 2013 3:07:15 PM

  8. He seems like the greatest guy, doesn't he? And what a cutie-pie. I wonder if they'll have him go shirtless as often as the dancers to on DWTS in the US? Here's hoping.

    Posted by: Seattle Mike | Sep 3, 2013 3:27:29 PM

  9. I know I'm not the target audience, but I have heard of literally none of these people other than Ben Cohen.

    Going back over the years, I guess I know about one or two per season, but it seems like there is a surplus of Breakfast Presenters in the UK.

    Posted by: stebbins | Sep 3, 2013 3:28:47 PM

  10. I hope they don't make him shave his chest.

    Posted by: michael | Sep 3, 2013 4:18:00 PM

  11. He's gorgeous. But this photo's a boner-killer.

    Posted by: Mona | Sep 3, 2013 4:54:24 PM

  12. He is the complete and total package (and, having met him, he's also sincere, charming, gracious, and incredibly kind--and good looking enough to make one weak in the knees).

    Indeed, if the British version has some of the numbers like the American show does involving lack of shirts or shirts being discarded (especially in Latin numbers), we're going to be a much happier world.

    Posted by: Dback | Sep 3, 2013 5:09:05 PM

  13. We all know Ben is one of the best LGBT allies EVER.. but he's also just freakin' adorable and sweet! If he had any rhythm at all, they better watch out... even though he's retired from professional sports, the man DOES stay in shape running and working out.

    Posted by: sparks | Sep 3, 2013 5:16:52 PM

  14. Any excuse to put this hot man in tight pants.

    Posted by: jarago | Sep 3, 2013 5:37:32 PM

  15. Can someone please get him to turn around? I bet the view is memorable.

    Posted by: sundayboy | Sep 3, 2013 6:10:24 PM

  16. Gay men are the best dancers.

    Posted by: Mike | Sep 3, 2013 7:50:36 PM

  17. Like Ben a lot, the facial hair not a little.

    Posted by: andrew | Sep 4, 2013 3:29:09 AM

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