1. Marcus says

    I think it’s more correct to say she lost her contract and the possibility of future gigs through that agency. I read she was actually told about that during sequester and had two or three publicists around her following the show (hired by her mom, CBS, both?). She was boasting about appointments with new agencies and the book she was going to write. Look for her syndicated talk show starting summer 2014!

  2. MIke says

    I suppose from now on it’s all “Survivor” and Colton and his BF. Colton is as over-the-top as usual “SHUT UP BEFORE I BEAT YOU WITH THIS PADDLE!!” (To his own teammate) and his BF seems gentle and cute. CBS knew Colton was a ratings maggot, I mean magnet.

  3. Brian says

    LOL Mike. I watched Survivor for the first time ever before the BB finale. Man, that Colton is a character. I died laughing when I heard the paddle comment. This was minutes after saying that he was reformed and no longer bitter, which he says caused his previous meltdowns.
    On a side note, Andy and Colton seem to be cast out my Stereotyped Characters, Inc. Loud, scared, bitter queens. It makes for good TV, I guess. But, anyways.
    Andy’s behavior towards Elissa, including the “c*nt” name calling (x100000), was abhorrid. I wouldn’t want my son, daughter, brother or sister being taught by that awful man. Gays can be just as racist and sexist as anyone else. Damn shame, too.

  4. Phil says

    21st Century Salem Witch Talk Burnings. Interesting how racism is now used as a weapon. Still can’t control thoughts and actions. The Salem witches were innocent.

  5. Two Dads says

    Lol celebs, musicians and athletes who are actually in a position to role model)constantly get caught making homophobic remarks and we’re told to overlook it, get over it, and the celeb is hailed a martyr. Yet if someone says anything about another demographic, they are instantly fired and forced to be unemployed. Glad to know we enable homophobia to be flippantly treated.

  6. AV505 says

    @ two dads
    I agree. I mean this show in the past has had some homophobic contestants who constantly made antigay remarks and CBS said nothing, did nothing and some of these anti gay contestants were celebrated as huge fan favorites. There’s something fundmentally flawed when some forms of bigotry go ignored.

  7. epic says

    phil you might wanna try being a little more precise the Salem witch trials is a bit out left field as a metaphor comparing cluelass hateful chicken heads on a reality TV show in 2013…did someone die on BB???

  8. StudioTodd says

    She says she’s learning something from her experience? Remains to be seen…likely all she’s learned is to keep her mouth shut when the cameras are around.

    One thing she obviously still hasn’t learned is how to do her damn eyebrows…what is up with those crookedy-ass things?

  9. Billy Crytical says

    Luckily I flipped to Big Brother which I never watch when the winner was chosen to see Andy win. Big Brother has always been a show of bigots so I never thought a gay person would win. I would always read news about the anti-gay comments every season. It’s very ironic that the one season that has been marred by controversy over comments is the season a gay person won. Congrats to him.

    Michael Yo is a jerk. I’m saying that from what I’ve seen of him. He likes to insult people and take open pleasure in people’s misfortunes.

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