Bryan Fischer Wants You to Know He Loves the Gays: VIDEO


In case you've somehow forgotten, Bryan Fisher wants to remind you that he absolutely loves homosexuals, he's just thinks they're modern-day stormtroopers trying to dismantle America's Judeo-Christian society. That and he's grossed out by what they do in bed. 

Says Fischer:

"There are still a lot of Americans, just ordinary citizens that are grossed out by what homosexuals do...We don't hate homosexuals, we love them. We grieve for them. It just saddens me to see people who are so deceived and whose lives are being wasted by falling prey to that disease. There's a sickness, there's a pathology associated with homosexual behavior. You know these are not happy people. They are not well adjusted people."

Not happy people? We're gay! Happiness is right there in our branding!

Watch the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...