1. Bob says

    Well this little gay boy thinks Mr Fisher is vile, disgusting, misguided, delusional, nasty, and pathological. I guess that ,makes us even. If only he would go away and leave us alone now. Somehow I doubt it ttho, I’m preety s’ll be back loving us some more

  2. Lucas H says

    He has one twisted, sick version of “love,” if he truly believes that is what love is. The more he talks, the more I realize there is something REALLY wrong with him. Not just wrong in a hate-speech kind of way, but wrong in a seriously demented, evil kind of way.

  3. Geoff says

    In all my years I have never once watched or listened to Bryan Fischer. I’m nearly 60. Chances are I can make it all the way through
    without an incursion. Yay!!!

  4. Jellybean says

    Who’s fault is it that we’re not happy? With all the abuse that these people put out daily, they keep reminding us that we are not wanted in their society. AND, there are a lot of gay people that believe in Christianity. One of the biggest churches in Texas is “The Cathedral of Hope.”

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    If he wants to spend his life persecuting a group of individuals, instead of being a help to others, that’s his option. If he want’s to use the bible as a weapon against society that’s for him to answer to.

    Instead of following what he has in store for me, I’ll just keep my options for my well adjusted life open.

  6. hgfuu says

    This is becoming a problem from certain religious extremists and their conservative atheist apologists. If homosexual and bisexual people complain about their unjust dehumanization of us, then we’re branded a Mafia or hateful people. We just want them to stop making laws against us and spreading fear and hate. Our lives are at stake. Then, on top of this – they say they love us! I can’t believe it. A mental illness is defined as something that causes implicit harm to oneself or another. These people have mental illnesses. Because things are changing in this world, they are upping the ante. They can do this because they have many years of discrimination and bigotry via religion behind them. Who wakes up everyday and makes a living telling the world that one group is damaged, going to hell, gross, weird, and needs to be eradicated? A MENTALLY ILL CRAZY PERSON THAT’S WHO!

  7. Sean says

    Hate is not love, Bryan Hitler, and diatribe is filled with hate. You do not speak me. I am happy. I am well adjusted. I’m not sick – in fact I am perfectly 100% healthy and far healthier than my heterosexual parents who both have diabetes and high blood pressure.

    Lastly the only disease here is you Bryan Fischer, a pathological psychopath with an unhealthy obsession with other peoples personal lives an a fascist superiority complex. Yes you are a disease, a deadly tumor that needs to be cut out.

  8. Thomas Cardellino says

    The kind of “love” verbiage this man uses is akin to the kind of “love” language a rapist professes as he or she rapes the child they merely want to dominate in order to satisfy their own psychosis. These people, thankfully a distinct minority, are sick, sick, sick and shamelessly profiting from it financially. Please, my fellow LGBTI fellow citizens, do not waste your emotional energy on these most marginal of the fringe maniacs. Even though they can make a profitable living from their hate speech, so can a wide assortment of similarly absurdly stupid people in the media. Don’t think for one moment that their mere “presence” on social media diminishes your worth one iota. If anything, it proves that all of us LGBTI people shine like gems and attract all sorts of lesser souls to attack our greatness because they envy it!

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