‘Citizen Jane’ Shines Light on Canadian Military’s Dark LGBT History: WATCH

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A trailer for a new short film about the persecution of gays and lesbians in the Canadian military has been released. Citizen Jane is written and directed by Cari Green, an award-winning producer of films like The Corporation, Sacred Sacred, and When I Walk

The film takes place on a Canadian forces base in 1987, before the ban on gays and lesbians in the military was lifted. From the film's Facebook page:

Private Jane Cross is quickly noticed during her training by Master Corporal Maryann Kirk, and for more than her skills on the battlefield. Meanwhile the military police wage a secret war on homosexuals, spying on soldiers suspected of engaging in 'immoral conduct'. But if Jane and Maryann are careful, will anyone discover them?

Citizen Jane producer Arun Fryer said that "in addition to the film we will soon be launching a petition calling on the Canadian military to officially apologize for their decades of discrimination and are using the film to help push our message of equality for all."

Watch the trailer for the film AFTER THE JUMP...

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Posted September 27, 2013 at 6:30pm ETC by Julian Ward
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