1. peterparker says

    I do not understand the popularity of these sort of dance shows, but I’d tune in every week to watch Ben Cohen!

  2. crispy says

    “Such an unrealistic standard for us…”

    Really? I thought the reason for his appeal is that he’s somewhat everyman-looking. He’s fit but not perfect. In fact, occasionally he can look a bit pudgy.

    You must be an enormous fatass.

  3. Gil says

    “Such an unrealistic standard for us…”

    Are you suggesting that Mr. Cohen wear a burka for your self-pitying sake? No on has to apologize for their genetics.

  4. jake says

    No, I’m pretty fit. But I’m not a towering muscular white heterosexual professional athlete either. Funny how you guys need to wswing to extremes (calling me enormous or suggest I say he leave television or wear a burka) in order to respond to me. If you look on Scruff or Grindr, it’s pretty common to see guys explicitly say they’re looking for a Ben Cohen type. You think that’s realistic? Please.

  5. Xavier says

    He shouldn’t last long if the voting is based on dancing ability (he has very little dancing ability and he looks very stiff and uncomfortable)

  6. Rowan says


    Where the hell are you from? Ben Cohen is bland and looks like so many guys who play rugby in England.

    Seriously, you’re so self hating and no nothing about what gay men look like. And like a typical gay guy you use your narrow limited secluded experience to determine how ALL gay men act or behave.

    Go google gay mens rugby clubs in England. You’ll get your wish.

    Do you even know who Gareth Thomas is? Nevermind.

    Anyway, he’s dancing is terrible. Notsafeforwork it doesn’t take much to get you hard eh? Easy lay. Good stuff.

    Personally I tend to associate sexiness and good in bed i.e make me hot with someone who has rhythm and can move their body. Y know? Funny that.

  7. luke says

    he has a lot of nice appeal without giving off ‘out of this world unattainable,’ but he’s still beyond the average guy.

    but if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t necessarily be a dream guy

  8. says

    you homos r like sixth grade mean girls at recess
    pith be flyin from keyboards nuff to knock down a bystander

    ain’t none a ya’ll ever gettin close nuff ta ben for even a whiff

  9. gr8guya says

    He reminds me of a Golden Retriever. Big, cute, adorable, fun to play with. and a big heart. Maybe not the sharpest pencil in the pack, but charm counts for a lot in my book.

  10. Seattle Mike says

    Could he be any more adorable? The answer is “No.” I love how he doesn’t take himself seriously. And don’t you love in the dance how you can almost see him counting out the steps? And early on, there’s that “Oh, wait, I’m supposed to smile here!” moment.

    Adorable. Like a big puppy. Only a Cruella DeVille could not like this man.

  11. Ken says

    Love him for all the LGBT-supportive work he does (and for being cute as hell). But that dance was not a winner. However, I love to see how the performances in these shows improve week-to-week. Rooting for him!

  12. SB says

    It was like a poor man’s “Dancing with The Stars” The Americans do it much better. He looked like an inflatable sex doll. He’s so big . A perfect candidate for a rohypnol fantasy.

  13. Max says

    Vocalist John Newman with his fantastic ‘Love Me Again’ – what a brilliant choice for music! And Ben is so cute in his slightly stiff-limbed dancing teddy bear kinda way. Loving it.

  14. EchtKultig says

    SB, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ IS the American version of the British ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, which came first. Now go sit in the corner with your dunce cap.

  15. EchtKultig says

    BTW he’s such a stiff dancer, for someone who is a former pro athlete, that I almost wonder if this is all part of the program’s ruse. Remember, “reality shows” are anything but.