1. Mike Ryan says

    No real big headliners here – Valerie Harper gets the sympathy vote, there is just one cute guy and finally, the most likely winner: Leah Remini, former Scientology member and now considered a traitor by the Scientology Church (you GO girl!). (You’ll notice that Remini couldn’t make it to NY but had her own gorgeous special setup in Los Angeles resulting in the most attention. She isn’t stupid.)

    Other than that, not much reason to watch the show.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    Bill Nye, the Science Guy! Finally: someone who really does dance with stars (he currently heads a non-profit that promotes interest in space exploration.) He’s from Seattle, so I guess I’ll have to watch, at least for a few episodes.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    @NWC either Hollywood has run out of Stars or the Stars have turned their backs on DWTS. Elizabeth Barkley? Are they kidding? Jack Osbourne means they are really scraping the barrel and Snooki? Come on America this is getting sick.

    In every PR promotion the first name listed is Leah Remini. Seriously. She is the biggest name they’ve got and most people are looking at each other wondering wth is Leah Remini???

  4. Jere says

    Okay, calling this show homophobic is the silliest thing I’ve heard yet today. They don’t utilize same sex couples because one of the aspects of ballroom dancing is that it’s about men and women dancing together. It’s not about sexuality or who anyone might be having sex with in their personal lives. It’s about actual gender roles, eg:”in this dance, this is what the man does and this is what the woman does.” If same sex couples were to compete, the question of which person takes which role would have to be answered and then you’d have to question if the man dancing the female “role” can be fairly judged against the women dancing the female roles (or vice versa). This show has featured many gay people and one trans person, all dancing with partners of the opposite gender, the way the dances were designed. Who those people were having sex with after the show had nothing to do with it.

  5. TimD says

    I don’t think the show is homophobic, but agree the gay people should dance with a same sex partner. The Israeli version of the show is the only one (I think) that has featured two women partnered. As I am typing I recall the American version did do a male couple dance (not in competition) that was laughed at … I’ll have to dig farther to come up with who it was.

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