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Darren Criss Had His Face Licked by a Male Fan


Darren Criss is this month's 'Cosmo Guy'. The magazine asks him if he feels the need to externalize his heterosexuality because he's playing gay on TV:

No. I know who I am. I feel bad for guys who have to flex their muscles. But hey, if that's the way to make yourself feel comfortable as a man—as long as it isn't antagonizing anybody—go for it. I'm okay with your getting a Miata to feel like a dude; just don't be a dick about it.

He also describes his wildest encounter with a Gleek:

A guy licked my face—straight up grabbed my head and licked my face.

More of the interview here.

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  1. Darren Criss is my casting candidate number two for the role of Billy Sive in The Front Runner. Number one is Zac Efron, sorry.

    Posted by: Manny Espinola | Sep 10, 2013 11:05:03 AM

  2. I have a dog who does the exact same thing.
    Eerie, huh ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 10, 2013 11:09:22 AM

  3. "Darren Criss is my casting candidate number two for the role of Billy Sive in The Front Runner. Number one is Zac Efron, sorry."

    Odd choices. Neither of those two people have runner's builds. And Darren Criss doesn't portray athletic at all. More importantly, I seriously doubt The Front Runner will ever be made into a movie... it's horribly dated.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 10, 2013 11:30:41 AM

  4. Darren's another exploiting heterosexual play gay. If you were playing it straight, Steven R, McQueen is the new best chocolate in the box.

    Posted by: KO | Sep 10, 2013 11:53:27 AM

  5. Wait... buying a Miata makes you look straight? I missed that memo.

    Posted by: DW | Sep 10, 2013 12:45:59 PM

  6. it's disgusting what some fans think they have a right to do. if i were darren, i would've kept this anecdote to myself, since it will probably inspire further asshattery

    Posted by: gomez | Sep 10, 2013 1:05:05 PM

  7. Dear Darren,

    I'll lick more than your face if you ask nice.

    I promise.

    Posted by: Truthiness | Sep 10, 2013 1:26:41 PM

  8. I have a crush on this guy. And I have realized that it's not just his looks; he is funny, self-deprecating, talented, and truly charming.

    He's a great role model for gay or straight guys.

    Posted by: gr8guya | Sep 10, 2013 2:19:29 PM

  9. He says he is straight and i believe him, but the first time i heard his video-interview after being casted as Blaine, i thought Ryan Murphy was hiring all the young gay actors

    Posted by: jjose712 | Sep 10, 2013 2:34:22 PM

  10. Darren is just to beautiful to say he is just perfect and i cant wait for glee season 5

    Posted by: celestina campbell | Sep 10, 2013 3:00:41 PM

  11. I respect that he's striaght, but dear god I wish he were gay. He'd make a really awesome one IRL.

    And there is a better chance he might sit on my face, so everybody wins!

    Posted by: Brandon H | Sep 10, 2013 3:09:23 PM

  12. Since when is a Miata a "dude" car?!?!????? Whaaaaat? Haha!

    Posted by: Lucas H | Sep 10, 2013 3:49:24 PM

  13. And I'd do it again. In a heartbeat.

    Posted by: FFS | Sep 10, 2013 7:01:14 PM

  14. Now who doesn't want to lick the delectable Mr Criss?

    Posted by: jarago | Sep 10, 2013 8:40:59 PM

  15. I can't believe that a bunch of grown men are all about a TV show designed for tween girls, complete with hairless body sexually nonthreatening male actors. Tiger Beat off much?

    Posted by: Hagatha | Sep 10, 2013 10:54:54 PM

  16. @HAGATHA: Shouldn't you be busily braiding your ass hair, right about now?

    Posted by: FFS | Sep 11, 2013 1:28:01 AM

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