De Blasio Opens Wide Lead in NYC Mayoral Race: Poll

A new poll shows Bill De Blasio could win the NYC mayoral race without a runoff, the NYT reports:

DeblasioA new survey from Quinnipiac University finds that 43 percent of likely Democratic voters plan to support Mr. de Blasio, the public advocate, in the Sept. 10 primary. William C. Thompson Jr., who captured the Democratic nomination in 2009 but lost the general election that year to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, was supported by 20 percent of likely Democratic voters. Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, who had been the front-runner for most of the campaign, now has the support of 18 percent.

Mr. de Blasio’s 43 percent is by far his best performance in a public poll during the campaign. A runoff will be held, on Oct. 1, only if none of the nine Democrats on the ballot receives 40 percent of the vote.

The poll, released just hours before the final televised debate in the Democratic primary, is likely to intensify pressure on Mr. Thompson and Ms. Quinn to use the high-profile forum to alter the dynamic of the race.


  1. Feral says

    Terrible! This guys is a complete lightweight. NYC, you’re making a big mistake here. If you don’t like Quinn, vote for Bill Thompson instead. You’ve been warned…

  2. says

    Go, BIll! For too long New York has been a luxury property, denying basic economic and social justice to too many of its denizens, a huge number of whom live below the poverty line. de Blasio offers the hope that New York will provide its people with greater fairness and opportunity.

  3. DrunkEnough says

    Christine Quinn voted against HASA for All, which was designed to improve help for those with HIV. That killed my interest in ever voting for her. That she helped Bloomberg circumvent existing law to get a third term and she never met a luxury development she didn’t like — they just cemented my distaste for Mini-Bloomberg… We’re past the point where I should feel akin to a candidate just because they’re gay, too, and that voting record proves she’s no ally of mine. I’m fine with De Blasio.

  4. Rick says

    He is popular in the outer bouroughs with people who resent Manhattan and its disdain for the rest of NYC.

    As usual, New Yorkers are given a choice of bad or worse in an election.

  5. Gast says

    “De Blasio” is poised to be the most ineffective mayor NYC has seen. I doubt the movers and shakers of the city will want to cooperate with him. So yeah, so much for all those broken dreams. On the other hand Quinn has a real chance to augment real state and find common ground in NYC politics.

  6. excy says

    If Mr. de Blasio wins this election it should be fun to see the 1% shaking in their Louboutins. I don’t imagine he and his family will leave Park Slope. Could be interesting.

  7. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    It’s nice when a gay candidate achieves elected office, but NOT a reason to vote for them. Vote based on issues.

    A LogCabin Republican here is shamelessly courting the gay community & asking them overlook his association with disgusting policies because he’s “one of us”

    It would be nice to have the first openly gay mayor of NYC, but please, only vote for her if she reflects your values in policies & issues.

  8. Starfish says

    Thompson should be your next mayor. De Blasio will turn NYC into a socialist cesspool and you, NYC residents, will be billed to pay for it all. Good luck.

  9. FancyPants says

    I suppose those who would prefer Thompson to de Blasio should have thought about that before you let Quinn drive the pony show the last few months.

    I’m happy to see her lose, but agreed that I’m not sold on de Blasio. But who could stop talking about Christine for months now. I had a feeling this was coming.

  10. ratbastard says

    He lives in Park Slope? Maybe he’ll move out to East NY, the south Bronx, maybe Crown Heights so his family and he can enjoy the fruits of the far left social and economic policies he espouses. His son might even get some real street cred, not just rely on his cool afro. I’d go so far as to suggest the wife, family and he move into one of the city’s fine public housing projects that so much $ has been spent on over the past 70 odd years. And ditch the armed security detail,Bill!

  11. anon says

    For once, leftees on this site will have nothing to complain about. There’s little chance you can be to the left of Bill DB. Quinn would simply vote herself pay increases every few weeks while in office.

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