1. says

    I am absolutely, continually stunned by Dolan’s stupidity. Must every word out of his mouth include a baseball reference? Who the f*** is his audience — just overprivileged white people who only relate to religious figures if they’re Derek Jeter fans?

  2. keating says

    Every time I think the new Pope is refreshing, I read further in the interview, and notice he’s still unbudgeable about women in the Catholic Church. Ridiculous!

  3. gerry says

    And yet in an interview I saw as I was leaving for work, Dolan said what the Pope REALLY means is that the church needs to continue talking about those things but in a different way.

  4. woody says

    Dolan’s beliefs don’t run deep, but I don’t believe he was ever comfortable saying the anit-gay crap he’s been saying for the past several years.
    He’s the quintessential company man who says what he believes his bosses want him to say. He says those things loudly with that full-of-baloney smile, so the Vatican loves to use him as a spokesman.
    But now that the man at the top has made his feelings on a variety of issues much more clear, Dolan has changed his public tune.
    This is significant, as Dolan remains the head of the U.S. bishops and there should be a trickle-down effect.
    This pope is a good person who is slowly but surely shaking off Benedict and JP2’s mean-spirited legacy.

  5. Moz's says

    till the pope changes the Catechism = official Law and Doctrine of the church

    it is all just words upon the wind & sexually active gays are committing a mortal sin = damnable

    Call me when he changes the Catechism

  6. says

    This has been so predictable that I’m bored $h1tless.

    The Pope is a Jesuit.
    Jesuits are educated to appear the reasonable intellectual caring pastors of the church.
    The doctrine telling us that we are “intrinsically defective” remains the same, but we shouldn’t tak about that too much and instead speak of the redemptive power of Jesus.
    Women should have a more active role in the church but let’s not talk about them having equality of esteem, let’s not talk about women priests.
    It is the mercy of Jesus we should talk about.

    Is anyone seriously falling for this Jesuitical obfuscation ?
    Is this not what we expected ?
    @ Moz :
    Yes, change the Catechism, tell us we are not defective, tell women they are just as equal as the males in the Church……then your words will be more than weasel words……but not until then.

  7. woody says

    the catechism of the catholic church is against loads of things. but the church has chosen to mouth off about gay people and abortion. it isn’t on a tirade against divorce.
    what important about this pope is that he’s saying: stop obsessing about gay rights and singling out gay people for public abuse; stop going out of your way to give bigots cover.
    and they are fuming about it.
    they keep falling back on the fact that the catechism hasn’t changed and they have that on their side. so, why are the callers to all the catholic right-wing radio shows so upset? because they know this pope doesn’t care about their hot-button issues. he’s saying live and let live and will treat gay rights the way the catholic church has long treated divorce: they’ve been relatively quiet about it.

  8. Moz's says

    @ jackfkntwist

    & let us never forget that Jesuits believe & teach

    say 1 thing and add a mental (unheard)word/words and the talker is not lying or sinning and it is the listeners fault for misunderstanding

  9. says

    @ MOZ :
    Agreed……they also have had no hesitation in seeking to interfere with political decisions and plot and scheme … they have done historically ( see Elizabeth I); and of course tis led to their being suppressed/abolished at on stage.

    I would never consider a Jesuit trustworthy.

  10. Jack M says

    What would you expect from Dolan? The Pope just called BS on his bigoted butt and he can’t lash out, he can only act like he’s on board. Hopefully, his head will explode when he’s in private and has had time to stew.

  11. Randy says

    I agree that Dolan is a company man. He’ll do what the big boss says. I don’t particularly care what his personal feelings are about gays (and from what I’ve heard, he thinks all gays relationships are “genital-based”, which is very weird).

    As long as he starts focusing even a little bit on poverty and peace, that’s less time he can spend on gay bashing, and that’s a good thing. Perhaps some priests will start catching the tune as well.

  12. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    the catechism, the catechism, the CATECHISM! Believe me, the majority of Roman catholics in this country care about what that bloody document has to say as any non-believer. And you can be sure of this: the Vatican’s continuing to mouth off about Roman catholics’ gay loved ones has only accelerated the growing indifference.

  13. says

    There’s no way in the world that Dolan can go against his boss. And what his boss is saying is very canny p.r. The church has LOST on gay marriage as well as gays in general so it has to regroup. Need to any o its positions — just assume a “kinder, gentler” manner.

    The church can believe whatever it wants — just stay away from the rest of us. Francis knows that hostility gays has led to a significant loss of “The Faithful”

  14. Moz's says


    The Catechism is REQUIRED to learn the basics of/ attend class to qualify for Confirmation, and if one does not go through Confirmation then you are committing another Mortal Sin = damnable as well as can not be considered Catholic

    no catechism = no confirmation when at or post confirmation age = Not Catholic

  15. Francis #1 says

    Pope Francis today rebuked abortion and the “throw away culture” we’re living in today, in his own words. Pope Francis said that the Catechism, the official Catholic church views on homosexuality, abortion, etc. are still very relevant but that they don’t need to be brought up all the time because being against abortion/marriage equality/etc. alone doesn’t make one a Catholic or follower of Christ.

    But make NO mistake—at the end of the day, we’re still sinners and that message won’t change. And if Pope Francis literally within a day is speaking out against abortion after the interview he gave many mentioned as revolutionary, one can expect the same on other issues, including marriage.

  16. Pete N SFO says

    Dolan is a devil. He guffawed his way thru an interview w/ Charlie Rose this morning as well… never really answering a question & with absolutely no push-back from Charlie.

    We can only hope that Francis’ housecleaning includes replacing “his excellency” fat-ass Dolan w/ someone more aligned w/ Xtian teaching.

  17. anon says

    Don’t confuse Catholic sacraments with the seven deadly sins. The sacraments are rituals that catholics are participants in for the purposes of redemption. Some are obligatory, such as baptism, and others are not, such as marriage. Baptism erases the original sin of Adam and Eve, so you avoid damnation through baptism. However, the remaining sacraments, including confession, are not necessary to avoid hell. And, if you were not baptized, but avoided sin otherwise, hell is just a permanent remove from heaven in Catholic teaching. You aren’t punished. You await final judgment, which might restore you to everlasting life anyway. When Christ died, he descended into hell and released the virtuous from bondage.

    Now, that’s the Catholic POV, though you might find it ridiculous still.

  18. ian says

    “Dolan appears to be throwing up a smoke screen because he doesn’t want people to realize the Pope is actually directing his comments at anti-gay bigots like him.”

    That and because he’s a brown-noser.

  19. Moz's says

    @ Anon

    nope, only if u are unable to recieve the sacraments but have the intention / desire to recieve them like confession, eucharist, confirmation etc is there no sin

    But if one is able (not imprisoned) and does not then 1 is committing mortal sins

    and an unconfessed mortal sin is damnable

    catholic born and almost became a monk till breaking with the church, but nope sorry Catholic Doctrine flat out states one can not be saved without the sacraments if one is capable of receiving them and non catholics only saved due to ignorance in not knowing how sinful their protestant etc forbears were to break from the church

    It is all foolishness and a fairy tale BUT the doctrine is what it is

    so till the catechism changes the popes nice words mean squat

  20. Mark says

    I agree that this really doesn’t change the teachings of the R.C. Church (although they really do need to be updated).

    What this does change are things like the appropriateness of spending $2 million defending Prop 8. Also, I assume that it means they’ll stop with refusing communion to those who advocate that abortion remain legal, who are divorced, etc. If you want to marry a person of the same gender in an R.C. Church, don’t hold your breath.

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