Efforts to Pass Marriage Equality in Arizona Put on Hold

A group hoping to put marriage equality on the ballot in Arizona in 2014 have put that effort on hold, the AP reports:

EqualmarriageThe Equal Marriage Campaign says it had broad support but that key national advocacy groups withheld backing that was needed to make a 2014. Those groups favor waiting until 2016 to put a gay marriage measure on Arizona's ballot and Equal Marriage Arizona says it now also supports doing that.

The advocacy groups had said 2014 didn't provide enough time to rally support for a state constitutional amendment and that the larger voter turnout in 2016, a presidential election year, would help.

Warren Meyer, a Phoenix small business owner, Libertarian blogger and author, and Erin Ogletree Simpson, a retired Tucson lawyer and chair of the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans, launched the campaign in June in anticipation that the Supreme Court would return the issue of marriage equality to the states.