First Ever Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate in Turkey Launches Campaign

Can Cavusoglu is Turkey's first gay mayoral candidate, ANSA reports:

CavusogluA Turkish man who studied in the United States is aiming to become the first open member of Turkey's LGBT community to hold public office when he runs to become mayor of a small town on Turkey's Black Sea coast, as daily Hurriyet reports. Can Cavusoglu has said he will run in Giresun's district of Bulancak in the March 2014 local elections in a bid to become the first-ever openly homosexual mayor in the country, while declaring himself a "gay, activist, writer, thinker, painter, humanist and women rights activist."

The 43-year-old, who was born in Istanbul, has looked to win votes by saying only he can bring American investment to the town thanks to his connections with the U.S., according to a written campaign bid released yesterday.

Said Cavusoglu, who is running as an independent: "The international values I possess, the representation skills and governmental accounting can be found only in a few people."


  1. Joseph says

    He’s a brave man. I hope he succeeds. Contrast this with neighboring Greece- the birthplace of democracy and nearly every gay man’s spiritual home- no openly avowed LGBTs have yet to run for office. The leading candidate for Mayor of Athens in next May’s election is sponsored by the fascist Golden Dawn party, and many see him as the favorite.

  2. Carlton says

    We’re everywhere. Gay and lesbian people live in every part of the world and want the same as most people – to make our home and our communities a better place.

    I cannot say if THIS man will become mayor, but I can say this – everyone gay and lesbian person who lives a life out of the closet makes it that much easier for the next. Will his life be difficult? Probably..but for the next person it will not be so hard. That takes courage and I applaud him for that.

  3. andrew says

    Turkey is the only Moslem Majority country in the world today the even approaches our Western Standards of freedom and equality. Thanks to Mustafa Kemal who made it a secular state. Or as close as you can get to a secular state in the backward Muslim world.

  4. jamal49 says

    Wishing him success and a long life. Somehow due to the homophobia that seems to be part and parcel of any of the Abrahamic religions, I am not optimistic of his chances for either.

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