First Look: Meryl Streep as the Witch in ‘Into the Woods’


Meryl Streep shows off some talons in the first still from the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods, directed by Rob Marshall.

Also starring: Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, and Emily Blunt.

Our Nathaniel Rogers has some thoughts on the still over at Film Experience.


  1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I think she looks pretty good. Her face doesn’t look “old and ugly”. The transformation back to youthful beauty isn’t going to have as much impact.

  2. Sebastian Wallaby says

    Wonder if Johnny Depp will play the same weird persona he plays in every other movie he is in?

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    The Great Meryl Streep.

    Is she the greatest English-speaking screen actress of all time?

    Well, maybe…maybe after Ingrid Bergman, and after Bette Davis, and after Vivien Leigh, and after Anna Magnani, and after Geraldine Page, and after Kim Stanley…

    …now you can place the name Meryl…well, after Julie Harris, and after Jane Fonda, and after Ellen Burstyn, and after Vanessa Redgrave, and …ok, then there’s Meryl Streep.

    Did I forget Barbara Stanwyck?

  4. GB says

    Martha Stewart would approve. Kudos to Andy for remembering Amanda Priestly. Good list Derrick From Philly. You forgot Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates.

  5. David From Canada says

    I could tell it was Meryl right away. Her face doesn’t look old and scary enough. In that wig and get-up, she simply looks like she is getting ready for Halloween.
    No Oscar for best wardrobe/costumes in this movie!

  6. bobbyjoe says

    I just wish that, since its Sondheim, there was more attention to getting better and more interesting singers than Depp and Streep. Yeah, they’ve both done music before (and Depp’s done Sondheim on film) but neither seems like a very inspired choice for the great “Into the Woods.”

  7. tinkerbelle says

    @Derrick from philly — (unfortunately) Meryl is the ONLY actress who can extend the glorious line of talent of which you mention… other than Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and… searching, searching… hey, they don’t make them like they used to. I think (I hope) you forgot Kate Hepburn. Odd that the witch in “Into the Woods” (as played by Bernadette Peters) was not remotely ugly in the stage version, she was a human being with her own dreams and doubts.
    Johnny Depp is the wolf. Boring casting all in all.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    They should have made “Follies”, much more “contemporary” but of course there’s no appeal to children. Big target market now.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    Yes, my head is sinking low. I forgot Hepburn. I forgot Diana Sands and Deborah Kerr. And me.

    My head is sinking low.

    Oh, my, Patricia Neal and Thelma Ritter…and Marjorie Main

  10. alex says

    I’m terrified that Disney/Rob Marshall will make alterations to the show to make it more kid-friendly. Despite, the source material, the themes of Into the Woods are not appropriate for kids.

    As for the musical, I’ve always thought that the true star of the show was the Baker’s Wife. She didn’t get flashy costumes or the ugly-to-beautiful transformation. But, it’s her choices that drive the plot and ultimately tie the different stories together at the end. It’s such a difficult role, because you have to have the audience like her, even when she does some really selfish things.

    I don’t envy Emily Blunt because Joanna Gleason was amazing in the role.

  11. tonyc says

    I’ll bet that Bernadette was not cast because she sicked out of many Gypsy performances.,the worse casting ever for my favorite musical was her as Mama in Gypsy.,refund my money please..thank you

    Meryl , I think is just beginning to feel a bit closed in when it comes to publicity,.this is the only picture of her that they show..and Disney has many pictures online off camera.,so I guess not a closed set??.,she was filmimg a block away and came/went in her trailer, the rest of the crew/actors ate the DIVA!!