FRC’s Tony Perkins Calls for Boycott of Betty Crocker Over Gay Wedding Cakes: AUDIO

(image from minnesota public radio – mpr – see their story here)

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins is calling on his followers to boycott Betty Crocker because of the company's support for gay couples, Right Wing Watch reports:

PerkinsPerkins was outraged that Betty Crocker donated custom cakes to three gay Minnesota couples who were married after the state legalized same-sex marriage, and upset that a company spokesman said that “Betty celebrates all families.” Perkins warned that Betty Crocker’s “latest promotion is a recipe for disaster” and claimed that it is offensive to a majority of Americans who have already “made it tough on companies like Target, Starbucks and JC Penney” for not opposing gay rights.

“When you’re at the store, think outside the Betty Crocker box!”

Listen to Perkins's call for action, below:


  1. Lee says

    Their little boycotts do not harm these companies. Ask Starbucks or target. I am sure many of his followers could step back from the Betty Crocker aisle anyway and they would be better off.

  2. andrew says

    Tony is just another ideologue who doesn’t realize that you don’t start boycotts that will have no serious impact on the targeted organizations. Betty Crocker will be hurt by the wingnut boycott just like Target, Starbucks and JC Penny were. LOL!!!

  3. GB says

    Why not boycott everything and work backwards approving it? Of course wedding cakes are such an important part of a gay/straight simulation weddings that this is news. The struggle for human rights and dignity should not go undocumented.

  4. AdamTh says

    Is this the beginning of ANOTHER failed boycott by the fundi-natics? I guess Toni didn’t learn anything from the 3 years AFA wasted with Home Depot…

    Anyway – Go for it TP, it’ll give you something to do and you can pretend people still listen to you…

  5. David says

    I wish they would boycott Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell, AT&T, Verizon and all the other hi-tech companies that support LGBT equality – then we might not ever hear from FRC, AFA or any of the other nutcases again.

  6. john patrick says

    Typical. Boycotting a bakery for refusing to obey the law and bake a wedding cake for a gay/lesbian couple is deplorable, and deserves scorn for “not respecting the baker’s religious beliefs.” But boycotting a company for baking wedding cakes for lesbian/gay couples is admirable, because everyone should have religious beliefs that shun gay couples.

  7. Michaelandfred says

    lol….. Yes I’m sure they’re quaking in their frosting over that thought Tony. I’m guessing there are a lot of right wing evangelicals for whom less cake is a great idea.

  8. says

    “I wish they would boycott Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell, AT&T, Verizon and all the other hi-tech companies that support LGBT equality – then we might not ever hear from FRC, AFA or any of the other nutcases again.”


  9. dam846201 says

    When is the MF’s male paramour gonna talk to the rags & tell his story. Ted Haggard survived; Ms Tony will, also. I wonder if he spends more time in his bedroom than he does in mine. I don’t need a lesson in his version of morality. I’m perfectly moral. I don’t preach H8 speech against other citizens, even though they vilify & demonize me & my LGBT friends. Park it, Perkins; your time on this ride is done!

  10. gregorybrown says

    Isn’t this something that falls properly in the realm of CoupleDozenMoms? Tony doesn’t have enough to do at work, obviously, and somebody filched his yo-yo.

  11. Sean says

    Betty Crocker has 1st amendment rights that the blood thirsty terrorist Tony Perkins better respect before he gets a cake thrown right in is filthy face Anita Byrant style.

  12. GregV says

    Oh yes, I remember Jan. 12, 2012 when SBUX shares were selling for $47.05.
    Then came the 62,000 little old ladies from Podunk towns without espresso who signed that petition, and the 652,000 people who signed the “Thank you, Starbucks” counter-petition. Today, SBUX sold above $75.
    If Perkins thinks Starbucks employees were shaking in their boots, I think they were too busy brewing tens of millions of Frappuccinos to notice.

  13. Kevin says

    Hypocrisy at its finest. It’s wrong for a place like Melissa’s Sweet Cakes to get boycotted but dare to show any support for the LGBT community,let the boycotts begin!

  14. aregeejay says

    So, Miss Perkins wants us to boycott Betty Crocker? I just got back from the store and specifically bought a white Betty Crocker cake mix, pink frosting, and am going to bake a Miss Perkins Penis Cake (with “Tonygirl” written on it) for this closet queen.

  15. OMG-REALLY says

    I just don’t see going after Betty as anything but a disastrous strategy.

    I almost feel sorry for them.

    It’s funny, though, most people have never even heard of them, and most Christians haven’t either.

    Leave it to the lame gay blogs to inflate them into something they are clearly not.

    Whatever you do, Andy, don’t actually do anything but regurgitate propaganda and utterly fail to demand any kind of financial interests disclose from the dirtbags you parrot.

  16. walter says

    it will be another in a long line of failed boycotts by the religious nut jobs of this country. these people really need to get a life . they are losing the war in will soon be 16 states with marriage equality and over 40% of the population . please give up already .

  17. Nelson says

    Yeah – how did that big boycott of Target and Starbucks work out for ya, Tony? Um, how do you say it? Oh yeah, not at all…………especially after the Starbucks CEO stood in front of his shareholders and told them they were welcome to take their shares elsewhere if they insisted on being bigots. Great moment!

  18. says

    It’s great to watch companies move forward instead of simply remaining as neutral as possible to appease both sides.

    But… controversy and social politics aside, if your wedding cake comes from a box mix, you’re doing it wrong. 😉

  19. thom says

    …wow…Just like the 50’s red Witch hunts!…”There’s a commie under every bed!”…These people and Perkins in particular, are puppets for the real true dangerous righties…and they are paid HANDSOMELY to act as spokes-persons to spew their nutty ideas. What’s next, Toys R Us? Jiffy Lube, NAPA? the NRA? (yes some gays own firearms) are gonna run out of places to boycott.. You go, Betty!…You are still the lady who rocks the kitchen for all of us!

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