FRC’s Tony Perkins Calls for Boycott of Betty Crocker Over Gay Wedding Cakes: AUDIO

(image from minnesota public radio – mpr – see their story here)

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins is calling on his followers to boycott Betty Crocker because of the company's support for gay couples, Right Wing Watch reports:

PerkinsPerkins was outraged that Betty Crocker donated custom cakes to three gay Minnesota couples who were married after the state legalized same-sex marriage, and upset that a company spokesman said that “Betty celebrates all families.” Perkins warned that Betty Crocker’s “latest promotion is a recipe for disaster” and claimed that it is offensive to a majority of Americans who have already “made it tough on companies like Target, Starbucks and JC Penney” for not opposing gay rights.

“When you’re at the store, think outside the Betty Crocker box!”

Listen to Perkins's call for action, below: