1. says

    to the troll who continues to obsessively post anti-mexican (seriously? why?) hatred in my name; just remember that every day you continue to obsess over me it only proves me right; you’re a coward, and are no doubt unloved in life. but know that your cowardice will only ever continue to make your own life worse. not mine.

  2. Brian says

    Johnny’s story with his family should help a lot of other families.

    @Dave, that is not the actual Kiwi saying that. This site is overrun with trolls who choose to take issue with some of our more present commenters and post hate under their names.

  3. will says

    This was a blandly pretty video. It’s hard to feel touched or moved because there’s no personality that shines out — who are these guys? What makes them special? A gratingly generic ballad is slapped over the feel-good images and these two guys deserve better than this hokey treatment.

    I do wish them well.

  4. MarkusT123 says

    I was curious Kiwi. How is someone posting as you? You are posting while being logged in. I run a couple web sites. On mine there can’t be two User Names that are identical. Only way I could see that happening is if someone with Admin rights switched the name on the post to yours.

  5. Mary says

    I’ve never had the privilege of attending a same-sex wedding (never been invited to one.) But Johnny and Sebastian made me feel with this lovely clip that I just attended my first! I almost feel like sending them a gift in appreciation!

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