1. Casey says

    I wonder, if Putin was supporting the US War on Syria, would the Pro-War corporate newsmedia suddenly be demonizing him as a vicious homophobe? Probably not. But all that talk about Peace by Putin lately nauseates and angers a lot more people than you might think.

  2. Phil says

    All of these people love the sound of their own voices. Putin loves his more. He’s riding high now, and the protest is not about homophobia, although gays will hitch their pity wagon to anything. Gays have to be oppressed 24/7 or there’s nothing to do.

  3. Worthington says


    If all is well for gay people in Russia then why was that tv anchor fired summarily for stating he was gay.
    Why are gay teens bullied and tortured daily.
    Why do politicians want to rip children out of their gay parents homes?
    Why do politicians want gays publicly whipped there?
    Why do national tv personalities hope that gay people have their body organs burned and buried?
    Why are artistic things censored if they showcase positive gay experiences?
    Why do you think you can lie like this?

    Why do you think it’s ok to ignore the reality?

  4. Eric says

    I know I’ve said this before, but Russia has even more human rights problems. We’re focusing on the LGBT one, but we should also be talking about how they pay North Korea to run forced-labor camps in Siberia. North Koreans are sent to these camps for an average of 10 years, where they live in extreme conditions with no contact to their families back home, who are usually in prison camps there. You can find some good documentaries about it on YouTube.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    I think you all know where I stand. I’ve said it from the getgo. Money and prestige are the only thing that Putin cares about. Rip that out of his hands by boycotting the Olympics and every Olympic sponsor and the humiliation of such a defiant act will an can be overwhelming – especially from the Russian people against Putin. But so many of you are so afraid of a boycott for the silliest of reasons: our poor athletes have trained for four years to win Olympic Gold… is utter ridiculousness. Their talents can be measured and honored in a thousand other athletic venues. If you refuse to boycott then you are giving Putin exactly what he wants and he wins, you lose, every gay person loses, the North Koreans continue to be enslaved along with the foreign populace who spread their legs and hand their dollars over to Putin.

  6. jpl says

    I’m all for boycotting the sponsors. I’ve already begun my personal boycott of McDonalds, Coke, and NBC (not that my business or lack thereof will make or break them). The report from last week about Chernyshenko (the Russian Olympics organizing chief) freaking out about the boycotts means the boycotts have had an impact, and presumbably the sponsors are working behind the scenes, despite their lack of public statements about the horrors inflicted upon LGBT folks in Russia. Still, I think boycotts are necessary in order to pressure the sponsors either to make life for Russia’s LGBTs better or pull out. To turn a profit while turning a blind eye to human rights abuses, would be unconscionable.

  7. Will says

    Putin is an egomaniac and I agree that a poor turnout (= economic failure) is the focus. He created this mess (LBGT beatings along with jail time, ETC.) and he shouldn’t be rewarded with a successful Olympics. Period.

    We know where the IOC stands. They could care less and quite honestly it is not up to the athletes (although I don’t know how an athlete can participate and not do something???).

    Olympic sponsors and especially the smaller advertisers should be the ones that are especially targeted and don’t forget the travel companies, airlines and hotels.

    The SOCHI Hate Olympics as it now has become to be known by would NOT be something I would want my “brand or product” to be associated with.

  8. Jake says

    Sounds like the Women’s Club is doing all it can. The “Hate” Olympics is something you pulled out of your ass Will. You couldn’t manage a bird feeder you useless fool.

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