1. jjose712 says

    I think more than one member of One direction will come out after the end of the band.
    Some of the relationships of the guys seem totally PR directed.

    Frankly, dating Taylor Swift is the substitute for the I’m gay cover on People Magazine.

    At least the guys are very relaxed and show no gay panic

  2. PixelWizard says

    I see the reader posting just before me has jumped to the conclusion that the kissee is gay.

    Maybe so, but this is just sweet. A moment of humanity – gay, straight, or in between.

  3. Rowan says

    Are you guys seriously saying this because he pecked some guy on the cheek? Oh dear. Americans lmao.

    Please, please some of you need to travel to England or even Europe.

    Oh and you do realise that french men kiss each other on the cheeks when they greet each other…are they all gay??

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