1. Dback says

    Think that sketch needed some sort of twist/punchline at the end. (Remember that brilliant one years ago with the woman in the department store looking for a coat that was blue and furry?) Henry looks nice, but for me there’s something kind of generic about him. He’d probably do well in yet another Jane Austen adaptation.

  2. rocker rocker says

    Hey Henry, less time on kid shows and more hours with your acting coach. Maybe next time you won’t sleepwalk your way through the next Superman film like you did in the previous bore-fest.

  3. Randy says

    You keep using that word … I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Shame on Sesame Street, an educational show, for helping dumb down America.

    Respecting the Big Bad Wolf is understanding that it is his inherent nature to eat pigs. He’s not bad. He’s just (disrespectfully) drawn that way.

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