Is ‘Right Behind Gay Footballers’ an Appropriate Slogan for an Anti-Homophobia Campaign?


Some LGBT rights groups are not having the slogan put forth by the anti-homophobia "rainbow laces" campaign, which is encouraging pro footballers to wear rainbow shoelaces in support of openly gay teammates, the Evening Standard reports:

The campaign is being run by gay rights charity Stonewall and bookmakers Paddy Power who have sent sets of multi-coloured laces to all professional clubs in England and Scotland asking players to wear them in support this weekend. However the group 'Football v Homophobia' say it withdrew support for the campaign after the bookmaker refused to change the tag line.

A statement from the group said: "Our discomfort is with the reliance on sexualised innuendo and stereotypes about gay men. We feel it is incongruous to run a campaign aiming to change football culture whilst using language which reinforces the very stereotypes and caricatures that, in the long term, ensure that homophobia persists."

It also claimed that the slogan has provoked homophobic remarks on the bookmaker's Facebook page.

It remains to be seen how many players will get on board with the campaign though it has received the support of Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton.