James Franco Stages Gay Paparazzi Photos for Instagram: PHOTOS


James Franco has posted a series of staged paparazzi photos to his Instagram account, one of which features him holding hands and making out with an unidentified man. The others feature  Franco in a car with an unnamed woman who appears to be giving him head.

Writes Franco in the caption to the above photo: "#Jamesfrancotv in love?????? #gawker.com #gay"

(via instagram, huffpo)



  1. SPOT says

    People like him because they think he’s hot.

    He needs the attention, so he panders.

    Does it matter his roast was a huge pean to homophobic jokes? Apparently not, because “he’s cute!”


  2. says

    the roast’sjokes about acually about homophobia; what’s refreshing about Franco is that he plays up to gay rumours whereas to this day we have stars, both straight and closeted, who bend over backward to defensively play them down.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    Franco “plays up to gay rumours” because discussion about them are the ONLY thing keeping afloat the “career” of this talentless hack with the rapidly deteriorating dime store cowboy face. I get why a witless troll with similar Narcisstic Personality Disorder similar to Franco’s doesn’t see it for the shameless, desperate exploitation that it is, but remain astounded that a true intellectual like Andy fails to.

  4. says

    If Franco is really gay, then “hiding it in plain sight” is a brilliant move.


    Media: OK, Fine, we get it, Franco, you’re really straight. *walks off and leaves*

    Franco: (thinking) HAHA! My master plan worked! Now I can f*ck guys without the media following me! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

  5. anon says

    Yeah, I was thinking this was a Victor-Victoria style ruse to fool the media too. A gay man playing a straight man playing a gay man…

    Next he’ll stage a “fake” gay wedding.

  6. Jack Ford says

    Okay. Enough now. I used to like Franco for being a pretty good actor who seemed laid back about his sexuality. But now he’s just coming across as this pseudo-intellectual, self-aggrandising media whore.

    Jesus, James. You think you’re sooo meta… I really don’t care anymore. Do me a favour and sit down.

    P.S. Your roast was both unfunny and offensive… just like you on The Mindy Project.

  7. AriesMatt says

    Just to put in some figures on “Oz, the Great and Powerful”:

    Total worldwide gross: $493,311,825
    Production budget: $215,000,000

    That is hardly considered a flop.

    I tried watching it. Made it halfway through and lost interest.

  8. bostonbeat says

    i dont hate on the guy. he’s, educated. has been working as an actor for quite sometime now, makes decent comedies, does not come off as pretentious and seems just to be kooky and sure, slightly vain but isnt everyone in hollowed? he’s gay friendly…..maybe he’s bi? i’m not really sure, and don’t care either way.

  9. tonyc says

    I boughtvOZ and I can not get through it in one watching., it Hurts mommie!!

    I forget where I saw it.,he hooked up with a famous artist.,I think its that show where they pair people for an interview..but Franco was the subject for the artists work & he got completely nude, laying on a table, the artist covered his body with honey and gold leaf.,it was sexy, fun and a great art presentation..it took hours ..

    That sweaty armpit was the first thing I noticed

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