1. Wyatt says

    Not to put down Monteith, but both Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman were more worthy of the tributes. Both men were stars of two long running series and appeared in other memorable tv shows. I still remember Klugman on Twilight Zone.Larry Hagman was funny enough on I dream of Jeannie but became a TV legend as J.R. Ewing in two versions of Dallas running over 15 years!

  2. MIke says

    I read there are numerous articles on the snub of Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman for this nobody. “Dallas” was a world-wide phenomenon maybe people don’t remember the hysteria pre-internet when people in Europe would actually try to contact Americans as to what happened that week with “JR”. And Klugman had Emmys for both Odd Couple and Quincy and his family was pissed he was overlooked for someone never nominated ever.

  3. GregV says

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a snub. They selected a few people for the extra eulogy no doubt based on a mix of subjective and objective criteria. They probably wanted to talk about someone old, someone young, someone middle-aged, someone from yesteryear’s shows, someone from today’s, someone in front of the camera and someone behind the scenes, etc.

  4. Cary says

    The Monteith tribute was “Glee” pressure. And we know who produces that. Someone was attempting to immortalize their show. Publicity is publicity. It was totally out of place. Some video clips were needed with these tributes. Those images are worth so much more than boring speeches. You don’t have four separate memorials and then a montage. It was like the EMMY Death Hour.

  5. robroy says

    I counted a minimum of four people who had a bigger impact than Monteith and did not get solo nods.

    And what pissed me off more was the droning on about half a dozen 60’s flashpoints with no deeper explanation. And of all the AI winners to trot out Carrie Underwood? Maybe Kelly Clarkson or Hudson? But that song alone would be enough to give a better tribute to the snubbed. Heck they could have trotted out Barbara Eden and Linda GrY to pull double duty as presenters & tribute givers. That would have been a moment.

  6. JMC says

    Jake, if you’d actually watched the tribute you’d know that Jane did in fact note that Cory’s addiction is what caused his death.

    Anyways, GregV is on point with this one.

  7. Avenger280 says

    I wasn’t able to watch the Emmys (work) but I got to see the tribute online. I didn’t watch Glee but I knew who Corey and his character were. His death saddens me regardless of what fandom I follow. FWIW I was touched to see that the Academy honored two of my personal favorites, Annette Funicello and Lee Thompson Young. May they RIP

  8. Avenger280 says

    (fwiw… not endorsing the lyrics in any way, but loving how Carroll O’Connor & Jean Stapleton used them to expose the hypocrisy of some of the show’s fans)….

    Boy the way Glenn Miller played….

    Songs that made the Hit Parade…

    Guys like us we had it made….

    Those Were the Days!!!!

    And you know where you were then….

    Girls were girls and men were men…

    Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again….

    Didn’t need no welfare state…

    Everybody pulled his weight…


    THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. KJ says

    Having witnessed it first hand, Jane’s description of the “rapacious, senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction” were spot-on, in my view, and brought balance to the memorial.

    I won’t engage in the “debate” regarding who should, or should not, have been honored by eulogies during the evening, since that discussion to me seems rather small.

  10. says

    NPH was involved with deciding to do these special five in memoriam tributes so he gets some of the blame here. I didn’t like the idea of five additional solo tributes because it just makes us as viewers/fans start comparing the dead people and arguing over who is more deserving. I also thought Larry Hagman deserved special recognition if anyone did. The Who Shot JR reveal episode was watched by more people than a whole season of Glee combined. I loved Cory on Glee and his death was tragic but he didn’t have the body of work many others did, including multiple Emmy winner Jack Klugman (whose son very respectfully pointed this out last week). It was probably an attempt to attract younger viewers but I have a feeling we won’t see it again.

    The regular in memoriam segment was marred for me by the cellist who was way off, or at least it sounded like that on my TV. The music didn’t go with the photos at all.

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