1. Jay says

    It’d be nice to have more details on how to help this kid, has a donation fund been set up?

    We tell these kids it gets better and then we aren’t there for them? lets show him our support.

  2. JakeAZ says

    When these miserable creatures are found and tried and convicted, cannot they be required to pay the guy’s reconstructive surgery costs, the reason for which THEY created??

  3. Really says


    “When ‘these’ miserable creatures are found”

    There was only one guy that followed them to their car and beat them. One against three and still it was like shooting fish in a barrel. UGH! Fight back people!

  4. Lucas H says

    I see victim shaming in this thread. It’s easy to daydream about how you would react until it happens to you in real life. I’m guessing none of you know any more about the circumstances under which these guys were attacked other than what you read in this little news snippit, so take your judgments with a grain of salt and have some pity for this guy who will need reconstructive surgery from an obviously brutal attack.

  5. says

    and in moments like this i am so relieved to be Canadian. Only in America can you get beaten to a pulp by a hateful criminal and then be faced with an extraordinary, and INSULTINGLY HIGH, hospital bill.

    the anti-gay hate attack is bad enough. the healthcare system that drains money from the victim is, frankly, even f***ing worse.

  6. Jameson says

    @Tim –

    Today’s super PC media doesn’t want to offend anyone. The assailant was black. Whenever they don’t release a description, it almost always means they’re black.

  7. Rowan says

    LMAO Jameson! Fox news is ‘super pc’ hahahahaha! You’re so dumb! And to do it on the same day that McCain is calling out 2 newscasters for stiring up islamaphobia!!

    PC!!! Hahhahahahahaha!!

  8. NYCer says

    Rowan – did you see yesterday’s news about the attack in Cleveland – a “group of youths” that beat up some gay guy? At first, no one was reporting it. But if you dig a little deeper…same thing there.

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