1. Graphicjack says

    Um… It’s pretty clear she never read the book, or even saw the movie. Dorothy never had to transform to get back to Kansas… She didn’t turn into Glinda or the Wizard. If you are trying desperately so hard to be our icon, you better get our fairy tale right. Fail.

  2. enough says

    I liked her better when she wore masks. It’s kind of sad to witness someone who believes their own hype and begin a “creative phase” to find themselves. Unfortunately, their true self is not interesting or entertaining to people.

  3. William says

    As Glinda tell Dorothy at the end of the movie “You had the power all along, just click your heels three times” No transformation needed. The power to realize your dreams is within you.

    And what was the apple about? That’s not the Wizard of Oz. Talk about your fractured fairy tales.

  4. says

    I’m calling it. Gaga has officially ran out of costume designs. I mean I was okay with the white box, but the Little Mermaid? And the Wizard of Oz?

    Hause of Gaga needs to take a break… travel a little bit, get inspired. And come back refreshed with new ideas.

    Steve McQueen (may he rest in peace) couldn’t have been the only creative genius in the world.

  5. octobercountry says

    Can’t say I’m really a Gaga fan, but I think that without question this woman can SING—she does have decent pipes, unlike many of the other current pop stars. (Yes, there’s plenty of autotune in her songs, but she doesn’t need it—she has a good voice.)

    Loved the poppy hats for the audience—great visual.

  6. QJ201 says

    Yep, exactly the type of comments I expected to read on Troll Road whenever a Lady Gaga story is posted.

    Like her or not, please save your vitriol for our real enemies. Stop wasting time hating and trolling a pop star.

  7. Michel says

    I agree QJ201…
    Why are most people negative? What kind of world does that make. I do not own a single Lady Gaga album and yet I can appreciate that she is well spoken, polite, intelligent and coherent and she sings very well and is a great musician.

  8. says

    Agree with a few posters here. It’s amazing how much energy people have for vitriol. There are a lot of artists I don’t care for (none that I can say I hate or would wish death on like so many people seem to do with Gaga and some others) but I would certainly never waste any time watching a video or commenting on one of those artists. Who has that kind of time to waste?? I choose to focus my time and energy on those things/artists/etc. that I enjoy. Life’s too short.

  9. bluedogj says

    I love her creativity and her energy. And she does have a strong voice when “unfiltered”. Her version of “The Lady is a Tramp” with Tony Bennett is evidence of that. So, not every song is a perfect anthem, let’s cut Gaga a little slack, and quit all the hatin’.

  10. Michael Bedwell says

    NO PLACE LIKE HOME[LAND] & GAGGING ON GAGA. In this corner, the leaked DFX-less Season 3 premier episode of “Homeland” three weeks before the finished product airs—immediately reminding us of the series’ brilliance and daring, going out on a plot limb involving betrayal that itself branches from the fragile limb it left its characters on in S2’s finale, challenging us to imagine how they (and, thus, the series) can survive—and employing references to “The Wizard of Oz” in a shocking “Did they really just do that?” way.

    In the opposite corner, the leaky, seemingly sinking USS Lady Gaga on “Good Morning America—lamely performing her latest lame song in an ineffably amateurish take off on “The Wizard of Oz” that a small town high school could dwarf. We get poetic license; but Dorothy in a black pageboy? No. That she’s capable of singing serious material well, that she has a heart and a brain long ago stopped making up for the fact that she doesn’t have the courage to choose substance over form. And as long as Influencers like GMA’s meat puppets keep fawning over whatever she does she never will. Well, at least the giant poppy hats on the studio audience were fun.

  11. Isaak says

    She has an amazing voice, shame the material is so bad. I LOVED her Fame Monster stuff so much but as she tries so hard to push boundaries, she loses the soul she had to start with. And she is still working this STIFF of a single incredibly hard, and it’s not growing on anyone.

  12. Omar says

    The performance was okay, nothing spectacular, I guess this time around she is being inspired by drag queens with her overly dramatic facial expressions.

    On the other hand, I am pretty sure her fans on here that are crying leave Gaga alone, are the same ones, that trash other popstars on here.

  13. Macguffin54 says

    If she is doing something for fun, for art or for a message she should let people derive from it what they will and not explain. Not to sound negative, because we don’t need any more of that, but her need to seem deep and interesting doesn’t come off well. Just do what you do and let people analyze it, don’t analyze yourself.

  14. Dback says

    ApplOZ–nice one Max. :) Was waiting for someone else to get that.

    I thought it was a cute idea, but she’s already pulled off so many transformations and amazing performances, this one couldn’t help but come across as a little rote. However, mad props for the beautiful snippet of “Over the Rainbow” at the beginning–as someone said on the previous page re: her duet with Tony Bennet, this woman has serious vocal chops, and when she gets to show them off via jazz or traditional pop, you’re startled by how truly gifted she is.

    Remember, people, after “Like A Prayer” Madonna had a couple uneven but semi-briliant albums (“Erotica” “Bedtime Stories”) before she hit the motherlode with “Ray of Light.” Gaga will rise again, she’s only begun to show us all of the facets of her talent.

  15. moike says

    This woman is at the top of her game. That was a really fun, fantastic performance for the early morning crowd. The hateful comments on here are so laughably ridiculous it just makes me shake my head. Sometimes the internet just hates something and everybody just lets loose with their tirade and sometimes that’s warranted, but this is a good song, and she’s been presenting it really well and the album isn’t even out yet, so the trashing just seems so…unwarranted.

  16. Billy Crytical says

    You all must be Katy Perry fans. You people have been on a ramage this last month. Katy has a single on her new album with God in it. Her family is very Christian. Makes you go, hmm.

  17. tcnsrq says

    Morning Tv never saw a show like that before…she’s great….too bad so many of you don’t see it. Gaga rules…better than all of them out there today….and she’s got talent.

  18. whewow says

    While I’m generally against negativity, if I were a Gaga fan I really wouldn’t ask people to stop hating on her. Aside from a small but loyal army of insane, fawning Little Monsters, the negative comments are all the attention she’s getting, now. When they dry up, so do page views and so does she, as a personality.

  19. whewow says

    “Katy has a single on her new album with God in it. Her family is very Christian. Makes you go, hmm.”

    And while I have some real problems with both U R So Gay and I Kissed a Girl, Perry has shown herself to be an outspoken supporter of, for example, gay marriage. She’s an ally. As is Gaga, who I’m sure you’ve noticed mentions God pretty much every time she opens her mouth.

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