1. Bob R says

    Good! As one guy said in the story, it’s about time. Besides, I love Johnathan Groff and will check out anything he appears in. We need more real time, honest gay story lines on television, hopefully if this is successful network TV might take notice and follow suit.

  2. Eric says

    I hope it is true to life and explains how the three friends can afford to live in San Francisco. Rents were already high, and with the new tech boom have become obscene. Evictions have become more and more common to make way for tenants with new, and more expensive, leases. There are many places in the United States with great gay communities these days- you don’t have to move to San Francisco to find happiness.

  3. crispy says

    I believe the main characters are successful video game developers… so that’s probably how they can afford to live in San Francisco.

  4. SLK in SF says

    They put out a cattle call for 20s/30s men with a military look as extras. Also, hipsters. And gay hipsters. Not sure how I feel about it but should be better TV than Real World, which is also shooting here right now.

  5. SFshawn says

    Or you can move to San Francisco and find amazing happiness. This weekend is Folsom Street Fair AND the Now and Zen Concert with the goo goo dolls performing free in golden gate park. The following weekend is the Castro Street Fair AND Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Golden Gate Park with Bonnie Raitt and Steve Martin performing for Free! I’m sure gays can find happiness in Orange County,CA or Mississippi but few places beat San Francisco for food,beauty,weather and FUN! Look forward to seeing my neighborhood on film. :) Now if they could just get Cheyenne Jackson to do a JO scene it would be a perfect movie! lol

  6. AriesMatt says

    Interesting that Scott Bakula may (not sure) be playing another gay character. He was looking FINE at the Emmy’s, too. And at 56 y/o. Yum.

  7. Kyle says

    If one were interested in, say, stalking someone in the production, no names but his initials could be Russell Tovey, could one find out where they were filming in the City?

  8. TonyJazz says

    SFSHAWN, you said it best. There is no better place for a gay person to live in the USA than in SF. (not that everyone can afford it, but that’s how it goes…..)

  9. NOT REAL LIFE says

    Why are the shows always about 20-30 something year old gays? Gays always speak on homophobia, but the gay community is the biggest discriminator when it comes to AGE!!! It’s as if you become invisible after your 30’s!!!!! Shame on you gay community!!!!

    And for the record, Atlanta has a thriving gay community where transgender people are readily accepted!!!!

  10. NOT REAL LIFE says

    @SFSHAWN – You were doing good until you had to be a “typical gay perv” and throw in sex! That’s why the straight community doesn’t like you, they think you’re all pervs!!!!

  11. says

    I absolutely adore Russell Tovey, both as a talented actor who seems to excel in quirky roles (my favorite), and as a really sweet guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

    If he’s in a production of any sort, I’ll give it a shot. Tovey and Groff are also both cutie pies either of whom I would NOT be able to meet in person without stuttering and drooling on myself. (I don’t do twitter but I check in on Russell’s feed from time to time, just for the occasional cute pics of him and his french bulldog. Yes I know I’m a sap. Don’t hate.)

    Have to say, it is quite nice that ACTUAL gay guys are in these roles.

  12. Rick says

    If a Martian landed on Earth and sat down and watched all the gay films and TV series ever made, he would no doubt conclude that all gay men die before they are 40, since the characters in all these films and TV shows are inevitably under 40 and, 90% of the time, under 30.

    Oh, and that they all had gym-toned bodies and were more attractive than 98% of the human race.

    LOL (wistfully).

  13. Rick says

    “Why are the shows always about 20-30 something year old gays?”

    Because the vast majority of gay men are shallow and value other men only for sex and therefore are only interested in seeing characters that are young and physically attractive. You don’t see any average-looking, much less unattractive, guys on any of these shows, any more than you see guys over 35, do you?

  14. SFshawn says

    @Not Real Life-I’m not worried that the hets don’t like me because I LOVE sex!
    Since you think sex is ‘Perverted’ and don’t think straight people even think about sex then your handle is PERFECT!
    Time for you to get a real life and live in reality! Sex is reality dude. wake up or don’t ever visit San Francisco since your so afraid of sex and sexuality.

  15. Thomas Cardellino says

    Very glad that KTVU 2 had the very handsome Mike Mibach do the reporting. He’s a straight guy who has always covered LGBTI news with respect and enthusiasm. Looking forward to when “Looking” premieres! It’s great that the city government helps film producers choose San Francisco for films about LGBTI folks because the cost of even “being” here can be such a disincentive.

  16. GregV says

    @NotRealLife: Television in general is obsessed with 20- and 30-somethings as well as with beautiful-looking people.
    I’m definitely not convinced that that phenomenon is more prevslent in the gay subculture than among straights or among gay TV personalities vs. straight ones.
    Watch any season of Big Brother and you’ll see a group of very young, straight adonises who look like they live at the gym and buxom bikini babes, a token (slightly!) older roommate and one token gay (who is usually also the token regular-looking person.)
    Watch Days of Our Lives and you’ll see a world where un unreslistic proportion of people are young adults and 100% of people are gorgeous — even (gay) Will’s Grandma Marlena looks like a hot pin-up model.
    Ironically, as I read your comment I was watching a re-run of Modern Family in which Cam was dancing with other parents with his ample belly flopping around.
    The obsession with both youth and beauty (and usually both simultaneously) is not a gay thing — it’s across the board in the US media.

  17. Rowan says

    If people wanted to watch a show about average straight or gay people…they would MAKE it.

    But they don’t. The end.

  18. Rick says

    “Television in general is obsessed with 20- and 30-somethings as well as with beautiful-looking people”

    Sorry, but that just is not true. There are scores of middle-aged, “everyday” heterosexual characters in sitcoms and dramas both on the networks and on cable. Just off the top of my head, “Mike and Molly”, “The Middle,” “Last Man Standing”, “Breaking Bad”, “Boardwalk Empire”……The list is a very long one

    “Ironically, as I read your comment I was watching a re-run of Modern Family in which Cam was dancing with other parents with his ample belly flopping around”

    Yeah, but the whole point of the gay characters in “Modern Family”, unfortunately, is to be laughingstocks for straight people and to make gay men look as ridiculous as possible and Cam’s obesity plays into that. Not a good counter-example for that reason.

  19. DB says

    I was an extra in two scenes filmed last week. I can vouch that they are using real everyday gay San Franciscans and filming on location. The experience of being ‘background’ was pretty interesting. Also, unlike in ‘Milk’, in which my husband and I were extras, they actual pay the extras (although just a token minimum wage amount). Living here in the City is magical and hopefully by filming on location instead of in LA some of the magic of the gayest and most vibrant city in America will be captured on film.