1. DG says

    I can’t imagine sitting in our living room, and having my husband killed right in front of me. I just can’t imagine it.

  2. Joesph Foster says

    How horrible. As DG says, it truly is unimaginable that someone loved could be taken so cruelly from outside one’s home never even having to gain access. It really gives me pause to contemplate this.

  3. says

    Such a horrible thing to happen such a wonderful person. Ross was my horse trainer and gay life mentor while growing up. I looked up to him and his partner Kevin as role models of how to live in the gay community. He was a dear person that alway’s put himself out for others. I think back fondly of the many kind gifts and life lessons he gave me. I’m greatful to have known him. My heart goes out to his partner Kevin and family. much love.. Matthew

  4. db says

    Shannon, do you have some extra knowledge of this? I haven’t seen drugs mentioned anywhere in anything I’ve heard about this. Are you just typing anything you pull out of your butt?

  5. Rob says

    I can’t imagine the horror of the surviving man. I would literally NEED to hunt down who did this. I just can’t imagine.