1. Luyten says

    Why does television always promote diversity with regard to minorities with such clownish stereotypes?
    I guess this is good but they still don’t resonate with me.

  2. says

    I watched the episode and then the following happened throughout the episode:

    1. Three different times when gay marriage was mentioned or a man marrying a man was uttered, a character threw up. Yes, it was a baby, but THREE TIMES??? For all the dumb rednecks in the audience, the Jay character pointed out every time that maybe the baby threw up because of gay marriage. Yeah, we get it.

    2. The old joke of how does sex work between two men was thrown in.

    3. When they showed a bunch of gays waiting to get their marriage license, the show threw in a big long joke about a man wanting to marry a little boy. It had a huge set up as well. Really? A pedophile reference?

    If this is how a gay writer is going to portray us… well, no thanks. Don’t even get me started on all the episodes in the past where someone refers to the gay couple as “ladies.”

  3. Henry Holland says

    “They have zero chemistry, sexual or otherwise”

    Totally agree. I’ve tried to like this show, but I find all the characters thoroughly unlikeable and even worse, the comedy bits not funny at all.

  4. Mike Ryan says

    Oh no, I think some of you are wrong. A TV comedy is funny when you burst out laughing without prodding. I watched both episodes last night and Modern Family has the best writing – right up there with Frasier and Friends.

    I was thrown off by episode 2 tho’ because I thought they would pick up from the proposals but no, the writers did not take us to the wedding. Maybe down the road. BTW, I find neither Jesse or Eric, when in character, to be a believable couple. Give me Randy Harris and Charlie David or Tom Lenk and Josh Strickland, even Scott Evans and Chris Salvatore – all working gay actors and each can do comedy as well, if not better than “Cam and Mitchell”.

  5. says

    I thought it was beautiful and well written. I’m so happy they show set the premiere episode in June on the day of the Prop 8 ruling. I got engaged to my husband in a similar way the day the New York Senate finally approved it. I’m looking forward to the wedding.

  6. Bob Hope says

    I saw the episode and it was so romantic when the characters kissed after accepting each other’s proposal.

    Oh, that’s right–they didn’t.

    Only on network television would a gay couple get engaged with all the physical affection of two business partners signing an office lease.

    I’m glad that such a high-rated program includes a gay couple; however, the fact that they had absolutely no physical contact during the proposal (not even to hold hands!) depresses me.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    One of the best comedy shows of the new century. The actors are all fantastic.

    I hope they all have a share of the syndication residuals. They’ll make millions just like the folks from “Seinfeld”. Well, I hope the ensemble cast from “Seinfeld” had a share.

  8. Rick says

    I’m glad to see from these comments that some of you are finally beginning to see the light about this show and understand that its overall effect on our movement will be negative rather than positive, as I have been pointing out almost from the start.

    Mitch and Cam are the gay Amos ‘n Andy. Not only are they stereotypical in all the worst sorts of ways, not only are they not believable as a couple…..but, if you observe really closely, they are not really respected by the other characters and are the butt of essentially homophobic jokes on a regular basis.

    The straight audience is not laughing WITH them, but instead is laughing AT them….and the keen observations of “No Thank You” in the first comment in this thread point to that.

    The effeminate gay men who are cooperating with homophobic straights in putting crap like this on the air–whether as actors, writers, or what have you–are doing great damage to all of us and setting back our chances of ever being truly accepted in society.

  9. Rick says

    To be fair, though, I don’t think the “how does it work?” question that Gloria asked Cam was about sex–it was more about which of the two individuals in a same-sex couple would propose to the other, since it is not obvious the way it is with a straight couple, where the man is expected to propose to the woman.

    THAT issue actually was rather humorously dealt with in the episode, with Cam and Mitchell trying to get a leg up on each other in being the one to make the proposal rather than receive it…..

  10. Wes says

    I don’t really watch “Modern Family”, but I agree that gay writers seem to be praised for bad portrayals of gays- “American Beauty” comes to mind. Another movie about a gay crazy killer- who kills after his first kiss with a man. The gay writers get showered with Oscars. The closeted gay star gets to say “Whoa, I’m not gay.” in the movie.

  11. Wes says

    I don’t really watch “Modern Family”, but I agree that gay writers seem to be praised for bad portrayals of gays- “American Beauty” comes to mind. Another movie about a gay crazy killer- who kills after his first kiss with a man. The gay writers get showered with Oscars. The closeted gay star gets to say “Whoa, I’m not gay.” in the movie.

  12. kpo5 says

    Yes, because it’s the GAYS alone, who are the butt of jokes. Phil is never the butt of a joke as the dumb husband. Luke is never the slow son. Haley is never the moron daughter. Gloria is never tied to Columbian crime. Claire is never overbearing. Alex is never a nerdy loser. Lily is never Asian. Jay is never old.

    We’re much better liked when we can laugh at ourselves a little (just as everyone laughs at themselves for various reasons) as opposed to being uptight little queens. No, this doesn’t mean we let our family use the word f*ggot at the dinner table, but a light hearted gay joke is equally accepted as is an old joke, as is a dumb blonde joke.

  13. Howard says

    I guess I fall somewhere in the middle on Modern Family. They could be better in showing how real gay couples behave, but the critical comments about how they don’t “look” right? Anyone who faults them on this issue needs to get out of the ghetto and look around.

    I was at brunch with 5 other gays couples last week, and only one person in our group qualified as young, cute, and buff. All the rest of us were all ages, weights, heights, colors, and attractiveness. That is the reality of gay couples in America whether you like it or not. And I think that is what the show Modern Family is trying to show in their flawed way.

  14. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I’m so glad I’ve never seen more than a few unbearable clips from this obviously wretched show. That being said, “Will & Grace” was garbage, too, and it helped change this country.

    If speaking to the lowest-common-denominator demographic on their level (by shoving stereotypes in their face with childish feel-good messages) will get any of them to stop believing even some of the lies that corporate media feeds them about marriage equality, then I’m all for it — but that doesn’t mean I want to see the sausage getting made.

  15. says

    I love Modern Family, but Mitch & Cam really irk me. They’re like every negative stereotype about us rolled together into a B*tchy Queen and a Queeny B*tch.

    Even worse, there is no chemistry between them, and are the only couple on the show that don’t kiss, much less hug or hold hands. I’ve seen straight men that show more affection for each other.

  16. Rick says

    @KPOS The difference is that the other characters are the butt of jokes AS INDIVIDUALS…..there is no implication that all husbands are dumb or that all wives are controlling or that all sons are airheads, etc., etc.

    Cam and Mitchell, on the other hand are the butt of jokes AS GAY MEN….there IS an implication that all gay men are bitchy queens, particularly since BOTH of them embody stereotypes…..which is part of why people are saying they are not believable as partners. If even one of the two had been non-stereotypical, then you might have a point, but because BOTH of them are, you really don’t…..and all you are left with is gay men in general being ridiculed and held up as a bunch of effeminate, flighty, clowns……

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Rick (and why am I doing this to myself)

    There is no implication here in 2013 that Cam and Mitchell are representative of Gay men in general EXCEPT to those who are already bigoted against Gay men.

    Also, there is one important factor in the characterizations of Cam and Mitchell created by the writer(s) of “Modern Family” and performed by the actors. They are not stupid. In movies and tv Gay males who are also effeminate are often presented as airheads. And I don’t appreciate that.

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