1. Geoff says

    Yeah. The weird thing is: it’ll only “identify” my left nipple…starts vibrating madly…and the garage-door opens. Sticking with the Princess Phone we got in 1964.

  2. Mike says

    Why do I have a feeling that it will not be long before someone uses another part of the male anatomy as his personal “fingerprint” to open their iPhone?

  3. ratbastard says

    The amount of free advertising and exposure Apple receives on media sites mainstream and alternative, big and small, blogs, etc., is amazing.

    It’s an effing over-priced phone/fashion statement – status symbol. I’m not saying it’s a bad devise, just that for what it offers it’s over-priced, and I find it to be a pretentious status symbol.

    As for finger print scans, they are notoriously flaky.

  4. JG says

    What if you’re stranded in the wilderness and one person has a phone, but you don’t. If something happens to him you have no phone to call for help because you don’t have his prints? Assuming his hands are impacted, doesn’t that seem crazy to have a phone you can’t use? S.O.S… guru.

  5. redball says

    RATBASTARD, i agree w/ your commentary on the iphone fanboys/fangirls and the overblown hype.

    i love my galaxy note 2 :-)