1. HadenoughBS says

    I love that Keith “gets it” regarding the IOC vs. anti-gay Russia and is willing to speak out about it. I wish he were still on MSNBC instead of, say, that “Morning Joe” GOPer Scarborough who pisses me off every weekday he’s on his show. Anyway, congrats Keith for your ESPN gig. And thanks, too, for speaking out about LGBT issues in sports.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    A very succinct summary. Is the IOC still hoping to completely ignore this issue and have it go away? Still clinging to the hope we will be fooled by the information now being fabricated by Russia. Don’t peek at the man behind the Iron Curtain, lest you see his true form. We are still far out from the Olympics and it isn’t going away. It’s ramping up. All the IOC want is our money that’s where the true power lies.

  3. Will says

    Advertisers and Sponsors beware.

    If you do not want to have your brand identified with the Hate Olympics in Sochi 2014, cancel NOW.

    Every advertiser and sponsor (including travel companies and airlines) that uses the Sochi Olympics to advertise while this hideous law is still on the books, and (another law working through the system to remove the children from gay parents) should be fully on notice.

    The world and the US public is watching what you do.

  4. bob says

    Homosexuality is a mental disorder, unnatural, insult to humanity and an abomination unto God and His Creative Order – Homosexuality is not a special or protected group, they are a immoral sick group that needs help, as do their non-homo homo supporters.
    “homophobic” is a name homos use to demonize other’s beliefs and defend their immoral unnatural sickness.

    Olberman is a delusional Godless Liberal loon in denial.

  5. northalabama says

    he’s baaaaack! i watched this seg three times last night to catch every nuance written into keith’s rant – it was priceless, long overdue, and touched issues mostly absent from mainstream coverage. great reporting.

  6. Caliban says

    Hmm. I’m kind of surprised to see Olbermann being so straightforward and clear in his statement. While I nearly always agreed with his political opinions on MSNBC I also found his style VERY over-written and annoying. To me it seemed he was trying to be Edward R Murrow and wrote in a style that was convoluted and show-offy. He seemed more interested in impressing you with his erudition than actually getting his point across! He could have said the same thing in half the time or less!

    But this was an improvement.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    I said it from the get go – money money money. You want to end the anti-gay laws in Russia then hit them in the pocketbook and hit them hard. Boycott the Olympics. Boycott every sponsor of the Olympics. Provide NO funding to any athlete who wants to attend the Olympics. That’s what you, as a gay citizen, can do and by doing so you can drain their greedy little coffers.

    Somebody PLEASE start an online petition to boycott the Olympics. You’ll be famous for doing so.

  8. KO says

    Anything to get the career going again after MSNBC firing. Gotta keep up that Lib credibility. Maybe he thinks this is a new topic.

  9. Bill says

    He may have been funny, but his “reasoning” was a classic example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. He noted that we didn’t boycott the 1936 Olympics and a disaster followed. But the same disaster might have followed whether we boycotted it or not.

    To argue otherwise you need strong empirical evidence that boycotting sporting events or threatening to boycott sporting events will change the subsequent behavior of a government.

    Suppose the Russians repeal these laws to avoid a backlash at the Olympics? They could just reenact them the week after the event.

  10. Rrhain says

    @KO: Nice initials, by the way.

    You do realize that he’s only been on the air for a couple weeks, yes? Of course he doesn’t “think this is a new topic.” But it is his first chance to talk about it on air and there have been developments regarding it since then.

    Hint: If you don’t like Olbermann, then don’t watch his show and stop trolling around articles about him. That you decided to read the article and post a comment about it shows you really aren’t here for the hunting, if you catch the joke.

  11. Jerry says

    Bill: that’s pretty much it. Except that they’d have to do it every other year, given how rabidly Russia has been pursuing major sporting events over the last decade. Unless FIFA pulls out, Russia has the World Cup in 2018, and Russia is still bidding for other events.

  12. Terry says

    Thanks Andy for the *full* range of your coverage. My number 1 favorite new media magazine read, and I am an avid reader of old and new versions. Your professional background shows and I wince whenever you get bitchy remarks about science, animals, beefcake, or celebrity items. I think your eye is spot-on and have been reading pretty steady for four years or more. Keep it up. Good examples may even save source journalism yet!

  13. Tru says

    Re: Bill

    “He may have been funny, but his ‘reasoning’ was a classic example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. He noted that we didn’t boycott the 1936 Olympics and a disaster followed. But the same disaster might have followed whether we boycotted it or not.”

    Actually, no, it wasn’t–and Olbermann himself has often warned against that specific logical fallacy. What he was saying is that we didn’t boycott the Olympics in 1936 and a disaster followed–but we DID boycott in 1980 and it changed nothing then, either; the Russians just got to win more medals, which was fine with them. He also pointed out a fact I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else: that while Jesse Owens was allowed to rub his achievements in the face of Hitler in ’36, the U.S. team nonetheless removed Marty Glickman, a Jew, from its 4×100 relay team (as well as the other Jewish track runner, Sam Stoller, whom he didn’t mention) in what was an apparent act of appeasement to the host nation. At the time, Avery Brundage was president of the USOC and a Hitler supporter who denied Nazi anti-Semitism. So really, the ’36 Olympics were not the great example of U.S. defiance of Nazism that they are made out to be. Even Owens protested the replacement of the Jewish team members–and he was one of the replacements.

    It seems to me that Olbermann’s overall point was that since it appears NOT boycotting the Olympics has no effect, the only real thing that’s going to have an effect is if the Olympic sponsors themselves are made to feel they stand to lose big money on this Games because of Russia’s anti-LGBT stance. It always comes down to the money. For that reason, it may make sense to at least threaten a boycott this time around. The 1980 boycott didn’t make any difference, but that was before the Olympics were the global sponsorship cash cow they are now. If the sponsors realize they stand to lose big if things don’t change, it just might have an effect in a way it could not have had in 1980.

  14. James says

    Keith Olbermann’s rant about the Golf Cource 9/11 in WI shows that sports news reports need to stick to repoting on sports and nothing else. The IQ of Keith is at the same level as a National Enquirer reporter as the Golf Course make a simple error in judgement. Not as big as the one that someone did in hirings Olbermann.

  15. slcgreen says

    Looking at rule 50 of the Charter, GLBT issues are not strictly political, nor religious or racial.

    GLBTQI people are of all faiths, political ilks, and races.

    I get that this rule was proposed in the wake of certain issues of they day it was written.

    The world has changed. Recognizing who people love, their family, and their sexuality is none of these things. Even the rainbow colors are not automatically political but social and personal.

    As much as I want things to go well, an athlete who paints his/her fingernails a certain way and is found in violation means the IOC is in court – and their finances a mess.

    Money rules after all.