1. Sargon Bighorn says

    My life is rich, full, rewarding and I have fantastic Gay friends; being one too. This is Gay Fascist Fantasy Drivel. But the Hetero-world has been making the same drivel for millennia so I guess it’s now the Homos turn.

  2. jamal49 says

    @Van Sant @Sargon Please explain how an innocuous video of two nerdy gay guys meeting and getting into a relationship is “gay fascist fantasy drivel”. Are you two the same person? What the hell is “gay fascist fantasy drivel”? This queer wants to know.

  3. says

    It’s like the exact opposite direction from Steve Grand. In fact, with about 2 more weeks of work and 1/4 of Steve Grand’s production cost, this could have been an exceptional video. LOL.

    Overall though, it was sweet. I like the song, I agree @CHUY, the voice was too “rough” especially considering the rawness of the instruments that were accompanying it.

    The video on it’s own is adorable although some of the acting was forced. The style of the song and the rhythm of the video were not in sync… nor did it make sense as the twang of “Windows Fogged Up In Your Pickup Truck” doesn’t really scream nerdy gay hipsters in NYC.

    Whether this was honest indie production or a “Cloverfield”, I don’t know. but it was sweet and raw in it’s honest impression even if that honesty was going in two opposite directions.

  4. Jake says

    I didn’t even make it 30 seconds before stopping. Do y’all actually *listen* to this crap before you post it, or do you just promote them because they’re gay?

  5. jim says

    Why did it have to end just when he was about to get a blowjob…

    Liked the vid a lot, don’t recall the song; guess I’ll have to play it again with my eyes closed.

  6. James says

    Ahh, I remember when I was a young, gay fashion model living in Brooklyn. Man, those were the days, when I irresponsibly road my bike on the sidewalk and ended up falling in love.

    My only question is where is the pickup truck?

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