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Pasta Chairman Guido Barilla Apologizes for Anti-Gay Remarks Amid International Outrage

Barillo Chairman Guido Barilla apologized on Facebook this morning after remarks he made on a radio program inspired calls from all around the world for a boycott of the pasta maker.

BarillaSaid Barilla on Facebook (loosely translated):

With reference to my statements yesterday to the press, I apologize if my words have offended some people.

For clarity I would like to point out that I have the deepest respect for all people, without distinction of any kind.

I have the utmost respect for homosexuals and freedom of expression. I also said, and repeat, that I have respect for marriages between people of the same sex.

Barilla in its advertising has always chosen to represent the family because this is the symbol of hospitality and love for everyone.

Said Barilla on the Italian radio show La Zanzara last night:

“I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go an eat another brand...For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company....Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them..."

He then added: "I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose."

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  1. Nope, apology not accepted because you used the conditional "if" -- there was nothing conditional about your statement so a conditional apology is not an apology.

    Posted by: Joseph | Sep 26, 2013 12:33:00 PM

  2. Afraid of losing business?

    Posted by: John Freeman | Sep 26, 2013 12:34:01 PM

  3. Still not buying their products. He has no respect for us. And screw the non-apology apology.

    Posted by: Albert | Sep 26, 2013 12:34:52 PM

  4. Classic nopology. Not accepted.

    Posted by: Butch | Sep 26, 2013 12:34:55 PM

  5. Swell. Now I have to stop buying Barilla pasta. I hate having to find another brand that's just as good (if not better).

    Posted by: MickyFlip | Sep 26, 2013 12:34:58 PM

  6. In other words, "I see that my offensive comments have stirred an international backlash, so now I am saying I meant the complete opposite of what I actually said."

    Having watched their company trend worldwide on Twitter for several hours, and not from supportive comments, I knew it was only a matter of time before the walk back started.

    Posted by: LiamB | Sep 26, 2013 12:35:58 PM

  7. Mickyflip, De Cecco is better, but ober here it costs a little more. I used to buy Barilla because of that, not anymore.

    Posted by: Carmen | Sep 26, 2013 12:39:44 PM

  8. Pezzo di merda

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Sep 26, 2013 12:40:32 PM

  9. Well that was FAST, but nope. No thanks. Keep your dry
    garbage. We are gays and we MAKE FRESH PASTA.

    Posted by: JWL | Sep 26, 2013 12:40:35 PM

  10. Unbelievable apology. Stupid people say the darnest things.

    Posted by: Will | Sep 26, 2013 12:40:50 PM

  11. Nope, not buying it - not Barilla's half-hearted apology ("if my words have offended" indeed) nor the Barilla family of brands. It's time these homophobic corporate bigots - no matter where they live and where they make and/or sell their products or services - feel the financial impact of denying equal rights to me and mine.

    Posted by: HadenoughBS | Sep 26, 2013 12:42:21 PM

  12. Even by non-apology apology standards that was pretty weak.

    Posted by: Daniel | Sep 26, 2013 12:43:06 PM

  13. You would think that CEOs would have gotten the memo by now; it is not OK to express your homophobic views in public. I will take him up on his suggestion, "if the gays don’t like it, they can go an eat another brand." And I will do just that.

    Posted by: Voet | Sep 26, 2013 12:44:55 PM

  14. left-handed apology.
    he apologized if people were offended. he didn't say he was wrong to say what he did.
    huge difference.
    i'll buy their macaroni again when he does run an advert with a gay couple as that is what he said he'd never do.

    Posted by: woody | Sep 26, 2013 12:45:13 PM

  15. Chik-fil-a all over again. I need to cut down on carbs anyway.

    Posted by: Tom in SF Bay Area | Sep 26, 2013 12:46:44 PM

  16. Yes, it is no-apology and I hope people will react and buy other products, that's what he wants.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Sep 26, 2013 12:48:10 PM

  17. Too late.

    Posted by: Jack M | Sep 26, 2013 12:48:59 PM

  18. He just fear to loose part of the market.

    Posted by: lukebrux | Sep 26, 2013 12:49:11 PM

  19. The differences between Barilla and others is so slight. I used to choose Barilla. Now I won't. Makes the grocery aisle decision making so much easier. I wonder if he'd do an ad with black people in it?

    Posted by: Jesse | Sep 26, 2013 12:49:54 PM

  20. what respect? what apology? a real apology is not just to anyone "offended", but an admission that the statement was wrong, why, and how an opinion has changed.

    i think i'll stick with your first suggestion and buy another brand from now on. and, if i owned stock in this company, then read about this complete lack of responsible leadership, i'd be selling it immediately.

    Posted by: northalabama | Sep 26, 2013 12:50:09 PM

  21. Nope, this apology is not going to work for me.

    Posted by: mikep | Sep 26, 2013 12:50:23 PM

  22. Shove your non-pology, Mussolini wannabe. General Mills has a pasta brand. Also, if you feel like doing a little work and make your own fresh pasta, Crate and Barrel has a pasta maker. I bought one for my cousin last x-mas and he uses it all the time so I may buy it for myself.

    Posted by: Sean | Sep 26, 2013 12:51:34 PM

  23. this is all over italian tv. really blew up in his face.
    here's the piece on RAI Italia where they interview the president of equality italy:

    Posted by: woody | Sep 26, 2013 12:51:55 PM

  24. When I first read "Pezzo di merda", I thought it was a suggestion for a brand of pasta not available locally...then my brain kicked in...and I had a nice morning laugh!

    Posted by: Mitch | Sep 26, 2013 12:51:57 PM

  25. Dreamfield pasta is low carb and delicious. I occasionally buy Barilla when there are coupons, however, so I am glad to know this.

    Why do people believe these non-apologies work? They just serve to piss people off even more.

    Posted by: LincolnLounger | Sep 26, 2013 12:54:52 PM

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