1. GB says

    I could see these being used for many scenes in a motion picture soundtrack about the time. “Primordial Landscape” would be perfect for any drug haze situation, or post one night stand. It captures the sensation perfectly. NYC setting of course.

  2. don't a tell la says

    After suffering week after week with that boring OXD column and the constant Caca and Glambert postings, this is a breath of fresh air.

    More please. I’ll be listening.

  3. bandanajack says

    good stuff. and i have to agree about OXD. i have tried and tried to be open to liking whatever is being served up, but clearly the author’s taste is antipathetic to mine.

  4. kyle says

    this is so much more interesting than anything in the OXD column – i’m a huge music guy, and 98% of that stuff leaves me just bored. this is cool. and yea, so much more than porn music.

  5. SparkPlugz says

    A Perfect distillation of 70s porn soundtracks. Please feature more artists like this.

    I agree with the above; please dump the OXD column.

  6. woodroad34d says

    While I like this–it’s very moog synthesizer–it’s very dated and should be compiled for some company like Ultra Lounge or Verve–it’s not music that really stays with you. I like OXD, BTW, they present some very good house/electronica music.

  7. BG says

    The people you were with when you heard this music didn’t stay with you either. No worries about wedding cakes, and wedding photos.

  8. Randy says

    You know there’s a problem in porn when the guys start talking about the soundtrack.

    And I have enjoyed some porn more for the soundtrack (well, music anyway) than anything happening on the screen.

    Is there any good gay porn any more? It’s so boring, no adventure, no romance. Am I wrong to expect either genuine excitement or good acting skills?