1. Ken says

    I’m getting really tired of these jerks. Why keep giving them publicity? Why am I supposed to pay attention to their every belch and fart on the subject? Maybe once in a while you can remind us they’re still out there, but I think they get a perverse pleasure out of seeing this stuff on Towleroad and Joe My God. How about mostly ignoring them instead?

  2. Jack M says

    So I guess if you pray to God He will change you into something He didn’t want you to be in the first place just to satisfy this pinhead? Got it.

  3. misael says

    The more i see of Peter the more iam convinced that he’s a self hating, closeted, man. He’s disgusting.

  4. bkmn says

    Don’t forget to mention that LaBab’s AFTAH group that lost their tax-exempt status still is not a legal charity.

  5. Dex says

    Why are all these “straight” christian fundamentalists so obsessed with gay sex? hmmm why would that be?

  6. bear says

    A nation is on a moral decline when it’s Leaders use hate, innuendo and outright lies – and IGNORE scientific fact – in order to incite violence against a whole population of people.

    THAT, Porno Pete, is what brings down nations.

    Surely the children of tomorrow will thank you personally for destroying this country with your hate and lies.

    Fortunately for those in heaven, your refusal to follow even the simplest of the Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Not Lie, means that they will not miss your presence amongst them.

  7. jamal49 says

    @KEN With all due respect, as tedious as these news items may seem, it does pay to know what our enemies are thinking.

    We simply cannot let our guard down, no matter how crazy or ridiculous or absurd Peter LaBarbera or others of his ilk seem.

    We are, at this point, one or two elections away from the Republican Party–whose base is still millions strong–gaining full control of Congress and possibly the White House. The Republican Party is completely controlled by evangelicals and radical Tea Party activists–the same type of people as Pete LaBarbera.

    I appreciate that Towleroad posts these things. We can never dismiss the possibility that the American electorate could elect the Republican Party back into power.

  8. Geoff says

    As we all know now – sodomy was “created” by Starbucks. Whenever I’m asked to pay such outrageous prices for a friggin’ cup-a-joe, I feel like I’m being farked royally. Beyond that…um…what were you saying (?), I forget. Oh, yes – “Jesus”, “God”, something, something, “send more money”.

  9. Chucktech says

    I used to say that you could smell their desperation. You don’t just merely smell it anymore, it’s turning into a stultifying stench.

  10. anon says

    “Moral Decline” is the classic all-purpose fundamentalist argument that things need to be reactionary. You can’t actually measure morality on the whole. However, it’s fairly easy to convince others that it’s on the decline.