Premier League Football Clubs Refuse to Back ‘Rainbow Laces’ Anti-Homophobia Campaign

An anti-homophobia campaign sponsored by the UK's largest LGBT rights organization Stonewall is being given the cold shoulder from some of the UK's largest pro football clubs, the Guardian reports:

LacesCertain clubs are unhappy with what they perceive to be a lack of consultation by the betting company Paddy Power and gay rights charity Stonewall around the initiative.

The Premier League champions, Manchester United, will not wear the laces. A statement read: "The club supports the League's central anti-discrimination efforts through Kick It Out. It is a positive move that Stonewall are now speaking to the League directly, rather than working with a commercial provider on a campaign without involving clubs or players at any stage."

Tottenham also made their feelings clear in a statement: "Whilst the campaign message is positive and one we support, there was unfortunately no prior consultation with ourselves, the Premier League or other clubs. Such consultation would have enabled us to avoid issues in respect of associated third-party commercial entities.

"We have contacted Stonewall directly and let them know that we are supportive and keen to discuss ways in which we can work together going forward. We are committed to working with organisations such as Stonewall and other agencies to eradicate homophobia in football and society."

The campaign is planned for September 21 and 22.


  1. Tom in SF Bay Area says

    Unfortunately, it sounds like bad planning on the part of “rainbow laces” campaigners. Sounds like a good project, however. Hopefully, they can take the comments coming from the clubs and coordinate with them, instead of going through a third party with a commercial interest.

  2. litper says

    Of course Premier League won’t support this because they’re most homophobic organisation in UK, spreading hate around the world. There are at least 10 gay men (of course far more in the closet) in the league who’re open to their teammates but can’t come out because of homophobic climate in the sport. Remember it was they who killed the first openly gay man in football, and they still don’t want to accept his blood is on their hands!

  3. Elsewhere1010 says

    Sounds more like Premiere League is pissed that its not getting to sell the laces themselves, and that a third party will reap the benefit. Sounds like greed and brand protection to me.

  4. BG says

    Players don’t want to play with gay shoelaces. Who comes up with these perverse forms of protest? Desperation. Life isn’t gay promotion.

  5. ben says

    BG; Hey Moron, aren’t there some Magnets you could be playing with…you know, the ones that don’t repel. Maybe a Nobel Prize in your future too.

  6. Linda says

    I don’t know about any other clubs but Everton as a team have agreed to wear the shoelaces and have released an official statement supporting the campaign.I’m a Liverpool fan but sometimes it’s hats off to the Toffees.

  7. Jeremy says


    Go make yourself a useful hetero and get a divorce from your wife after beating he and cheating on her with your brats baby sitter. Go on, hetero. Do what you all do best.

  8. BG says

    Wow. You people honestly believe everyone is hetero. How delusional. What happened to gays? How could I be straight? I’ll be supplying the Rainbow Toothpicks. Those should have a real impact. Shoe laces, toothpicks, what did we forget to help our sacred cause?

  9. hot dumb italian mike says

    What it is, is that they are very picky and protective of their uniforms.this sport is a religion over here.

  10. emjayay says

    You see guys, this is what you get when you feed the trolls like BG – endless boring hateful timewasting comments. You just have to resist the temptation. It’s for the best.