1. whitneyisadude says

    I say we stay out of Syria and let those violent Islamist Arab freaks destroy each other. Love you Mr. President, but I don’t see drones to convey an ideology working out so well.

  2. whitneyisadude says

    Furthermore, all those people seem to care about is oil money and Muhammad. Their brains have been enslaved and rotted to the core by their faith and there no point in getting into the middle of it. I am so tired of people trying to drag them into the 21st century. Look at Canada, France and the UK. They just enter secular societies and try to turn back the clock in the name of Allah. /semiracistbuttruerant

  3. ratbastard says

    SAY NO TO THIS ‘LIMITED ENGAGEMENT’. We [Americans] are not responsible for solving the world’s problems, nor should we be the mega multinational corporation oligarchy’s muscle.

    And congress should start doing it’s job. It’s not supposed to automatically give any president carte blanche. They just don’t want to take responsibility and political liability, especially flack from their campaign contributors.

  4. UFFDA says

    It’s right to consult Congress, and there may be good international “peace reasons” to interfere but Americans are sick of Muslim nations and their internecene hysteria. Stay out of it.

  5. UFFDA says

    It’s right to consult Congress, and there may be good international “peace reasons” to interfere but Americans are sick of Muslim nations and their internecene hysteria. Stay out of it.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    All the phony finger-pointing candidate Obama did about ending the wars, closing Guantanamo, and stopping the federal government’s snooping on US citizens, and now we move into Syria. Remarkable.

  7. ratbastard says


    Yeah, but he’s the first black president and after a very long period of ‘thinking it through’ he personally believes gay marriage is OK! And he was going to host a bisexuality summit!!

    Mr. President is like many other high powered individuals: highly narcissistic and possibly sociopathic/psychopathic.

  8. moz's says


    in what way?

    The saudi royal family is directly financing and arming the rebels and being sunni would prefer the alawite = shia affiliated & pro iran assad and his ruling family/party weren’t around

    Israel is neither arming nor financing the rebels though a less pro iran regieme would be better for Israel long term, the saudis are the ones who benefit the most from the ousting of assad

  9. Terry says

    He’s actually adhering to the Constitution. Presidents have taken military action unilaterally, Bush’s Iraq war resolution to the contrary. If nothing else, President Obama’s request for a Congressional vote is a good omen. Let them be on official record for any military action.

  10. ratbastard says


    That’s the point: they should never take such military action unilaterally unless it’s some dire emergency where time is of the essence. Even then, responsible congressional leaders should be fully informed and congress should publicly debate the issue as soon as possible. It should always be debated and approved by congress.

    Congress controls funding for EVERYTHING in the the U.S. government, even how much funding the white house gets for it’s upkeep. And they are responsible for debating and approving military action, so-called ‘police action’ or ‘limited engagement’, better known as wars. They should be held accountable along with the president.

    What a fraud this guy Obama is.

  11. Bill says

    @Ed: That might include Mexico! I was once on a business trip in Canada and the TV had a news item about how most school kids in Texas didn’t know what country was on the southern border of the U.S.!
    It made the news in Canada, but probably not in the U.S. as it was too embarrassing.

  12. GB says

    Biden’s got his best frown on. We should have learned, but history can repeat itself. Obama will do anything to salvage his reputation — warrior against chemical weapons. We can’t afford a military action with unknown consequences. The real goal should be surviving the remainder of Obama’s term. Not to sound too pessimistic, but blunders in Syria, could lead to WWIII.

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