1. Zeta says

    Pootie Poot’s looking fat.

    @MK Ultra, is that what all that is???? Thought somebody had introduced him to the joys of corn syrup, or that he was on some medication which was bloating him. Either or. Plastic surgery, though, is too vain and too wack.

  2. EchtKultig says

    I had not really taken his homophobia or ersatz cowboy masculinity to be anything other than typical Russian cultural backwardness before now, but one does have to wonder about this latest statement. One could cynically postulate that the characteristics that make for a “successful” closet case (good at telling lies) are also useful for a career in the KGB and Russian Parliament.

  3. Bill Perdue says

    Putin’s party, United Russia has a tenuous hold on public support in Russia because, like the government here, it serves the new gangster capitalist class and panders to the religious right.

    Like the Democrats and Republicans United Russia and it’s allies have attacked the standard of living of Russian workers to increase the wealth of the super rich and the remnants of the Stalinist bureaucracy with measures that include:

    – the abolition of the progressive income tax;

    – enactment in the Duma of a labour code that restores the labour relations of a century ago, including a lack of rights for workers, and omnipotence for business and the bureaucracy;

    – introduced an antisocial package of laws that replace social benefits with minuscule financial compensation,

    – and are preparing acts to privatize education, depriving Russian workers of their Soviet era universal access to an education.

    These and other right wing policies by United Russia are creating the conditions for a massive push-back by unions and the left.

    What happened in Madison and Cairo, Athens and Madrid is going to happen in Russia. Its only a matter of time before the Putin regimes hamfisted, pigheaded promotion of profit gouging by the rich creates a mass movement aimed at burying United Russia and restoring a workers state. As that happens our communities in Russia will have enormous opportunities to form powerful alliances and participate in the fight to bury the Putin regime.

  4. anon says

    As long as Putin can keep the price of oil high, his position in secure. If the price were to drop below $50 per barrel, his cronies would not hesitate to have him removed from office.

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