Russia Reluctantly Rewords Olympic Truce to Appease UN on Gays

The NYT reports on wrangling over verbiage in a resolution called the Olympic Truce, adopted every two years. The Russians, of course, made no mention of sexual orientation in a submitted draft which promised to include “people of different age, sex, physical capacity, religion, race and social status."

SochiThe NYT reports:

United Nations representatives from around the world spent weeks pushing Russia to amend the language to include gay people, according to interviews with representatives from eight countries. This week, after extensive negotiations behind the scenes, Russia altered the truce’s language to say that it would “promote social inclusion without discrimination of any kind.”

That was enough for all sides to agree that the Olympic Truce was back on track.

Language specifically including sexual orientation or gender identity has never been included, the Times adds:

But this year, with global attention focused on the matter, countries are aiming to set a precedent of inclusion.

“Along with like-minded partners, the United Kingdom is keen to see principles of nondiscrimination included in the Olympic Truce resolution,” said Iona Thomas, a spokeswoman for the United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations.


  1. Sean says

    So? Hitler suspended the Nuremberg laws, which criminalized homosexuality, during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin only during the games. He and his Nazis still went on to kill millions of innocent human beings including gay men.

    The IOC is still rewarding, with complicity, Russia for raping, torturing, beating, imprisoning/encamping, silencing, and murdering innocent human beings. The same way the Olympics elevated the evil monster that was Hitler, they are repeating their mistake with Russia. Many will die and all of that blood will be on the IOC’s greedy money hungry hands.

  2. TampaZeke says

    ANOTHER fail! We all know from experience in the US that when people dodge and weave to avoid specifically naming LGBT people in discrimination statements with “we won’t never discriminate against nobody” that we can guarantee that in practice it won’t be applied to us.

  3. Mark says

    I have every confidence that the law will not be enforced during the games or in a short period immediately preceding or following the games.

    However, watch out as soon as the games are over (plus a week or two)!

    Of course, this does satisfy the issue of the immediate safety of the participants, but not much more.

  4. BobN says

    Yes, and the Olympics is a biennial celebration of various activities humans might or might not engage in.

    Ah, vagueness.

  5. Will says

    Wow. Ok, that was easy.

    Now I can re-book my trip, buy my tickets and feel safe and secure. (sarcasm)

    FU IOC. The gay “problem” is not resolved.

  6. Graphicjack says

    It doesn’t matter if GLBT people were never explicitly included before in the Truce. They should have been then and they NEED to be now. Include the words or the Truce is meaningless.


    In such ambiguous language you could “interpret” whatever you want. They could argue “it was never intended for thieves and terrorists” or, for that matter “those who publicly promote homosexuality, witch is an illegal activity”. So, it is just a joke to allow them get out of the way, the gullible and dumb will buy the whole package.

  8. StranglerFig says

    The new wording still strategically excludes gays, and changes nothing as other commenters have pointed out. Russians and other anti-gays will not understand that promoting “social inclusion without discrimination of any kind” includes gays.
    Anti-gays think/believe that utterly censoring, baiting, kidnapping, humiliating, torturing, mutilating, murdering, abusing the dead, and then denying it all upholds human rights and is not discriminatory because they do not view gays as human beings.
    When only 8 countries can’t even get gays explicitly included in a truce, and over 100 so called “human rights” organizations are in favour of what is happening, how do you think this will actually play out? Especially when some Russian authorities say one thing, and other Russian authorities say the exact opposite. – Do you think it will slow down Russian anti-gays and their global supporters in any way whatsoever? No.
    Even if Russian authorities back off (which they probably won’t) if they see same-sex spectators holding hands, wearing rainbow pins, or see gay athletes thank their same-sex partners after winning medals, does anyone really think it will stop the vigilante groups and anti-gay members in attendance from doing what it is that they love to do to gays? No. Furthermore, can we expect Russian authorities to stop the violence against gays when it does happen at the Olympics? Of course not.
    Even if we gave full benefit of the doubt, it’d still be Gay-Hell once the Olympics are over. Russia is already gearing up to take the biological and adoptive children away from gay parents.
    Our best allies may voice disapproval to sympathetic ears outside of Russia, but become ‘Do-Nothings’ once coaches and other authorities tell them to shut up (or paint their nails ‘normal’) inside Russia.

  9. Randy says

    This is ridiculous. Russians don’t consider anti-gay discrimination to be discrimination.

    This is why we protest Exxon-Mobil, and other people who claim to ban discrimination without naming it. It’s a lie.

    The IOC is still an anti-gay bigot.

  10. terry says

    I’m pleased to see no one here is fooled by this act of appeasement. In Russia any display of gayness is a criminal activity and punishing criminals is not discrimination. Thus Russia will not discriminate, they will simply enforce the law.

  11. Rod says

    Well, the “truce” is actually saying we won’t discriminate against anybody. So, we’ll arrest straight and gay alike if they break our vague, draconian Gay Propaganda laws. This doesn’t seem to be worth the paper it’s written on! I’m sure the Olympic Committee would like people to think otherwise but as long as these laws are in place they can be enforced “without any discrimination.”

  12. whiwo says

    Maybe our focus should be on the money and less on the IOC and Russia. Boycott Coca Cola and McDonalds here at home and let them know they shouldn’t be contributing to or condoning human rights violations. For one, Russia’s stance on gays flies in the face of their very own corporate policy. Hit the IOC and Russia where it hurts most …the pocket book.

  13. Jerry6 says

    It is apparent that the Russian Bigotry is alive and well and will continue so. Therefor, I will not watch any of the games, and will not buy any of the sponsors products from now to the next Olympics in 2017. There is not one product that I normally buy that does not have an acceptable competitor.