1. Mcgill says

    While I fully empathize with this activist’s situation and opinion, one must understand the delicate and oftentimes stress-filled nature of international diplomacy. Obama has gone above and beyond with regard to LGBT issues at home and in Russia. Also, has Putin ever even met this man? Obama made it a -point- to meet with them.

  2. AngelaChanning says

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  3. John says

    The president is being sensible here. There isn’t a whole lot the American president can do in terms of Russian internal politics and social legislation.

    Sadly, unfortunately there are bigger fish to fry – I’m thinking Syria’s gassing of her own people and the world’s clumsy, painful attempt at a solution. The U.S.-Russia relationship is quite complex at the moment – and we all should take a deep breath and keep perspective.

  4. PeteP says

    This guy can go f himself. He got a meeting with the President of the United States and he’s complaining about it. We don’t control Russia. If he wants change in his country, he needs to petition his own government, not ours.

  5. says

    It seems funny to me that we have to “keep perspective” when LGBT people are being targeted, tortured and killed in Russia. It seems funny to me that we used to talk about how the president could “multi-task” when it came to LGBT human rights at home but that it is just not important enough for the LGBT people being targeted in Russia at this time… actually, it is not funny but I guess because we Americans won’t be having our children ripped away from us, we won’t be beaten by hateful mobs, arrested for protesting or kidnapped by neo-nazi’s for YouTube entertainment it is just not a big enough fish to fry… Is this the perspective I am supposed to be keeping? No wonder why the Russians are disappointed, they are completely alone in this hell hole.

  6. Rowan says


    It’s about being realistic. I was surprised and very shocked that Obama can do anything, when he has a whole pretty homophobic country as well as a government to deal with re this issue.

    Also, he would seem medlesome and that would look really bad.

    Plus this whole Syria thing? Putin is best buddies w Syria and has already started slamming Obama.

    The fact that Obama spoke about this issue AND met with them speaks volumes.

    Obama isn’t president of the world. Hopefully once his job is done as President, he will go into Human Rights as it seems to be a passion for him.

    Are Amnesty doing anything though? Or other large Human Rights orgs? I haven’t seen anything. Sad state of affairs.

  7. says

    Rowan, I am aware Obama is the President of the United States, the comments here that these people should be “lucky” that Obama even met with them and should go f*ck themselves is what set me off. And truth be told, many in the world see him as having GREAT influence because he is leader of the “so-called” Free World and had this meeting gone differently, the world that was watching may have had a thought – if even for a moment – about global LGBT human rights… I don’t think that potential was lost on these Russian activists who are reaching out for ANYONE who will listen.

  8. ANKERICH says

    I named myself after my father. But I mispelleded it. It was spposed to be ANKLEBITCH. Just came out wrong. Now I’m off to chew some poosy, just like my momma taught me.

  9. Paul R says

    Actually, Wayne, you didn’t even need quotation marks around so-called. If you do leave them there, you don’t need the hyphen. And you probably don’t need to capitalize free world.

    Yes, I’m an annoying editor.

    I’m mostly surprised that no one has started the ceaseless, useless argument about the use of T in LGTB in the clip. And how the B got pushed to the back of the bus for the first time I’ve seen.

  10. Sam says

    Why did they send a wall-eyed guy? Obama should have been interviewed by that perfect genetic specimen Steve Grand. He could have “upbeat” him into anything.

  11. Hyde says

    lol Those eyes! Being gay in Russia means you have to watch out of both corners of your eyes at the same time.

  12. yesplease says

    Anklebitch, please leave your gross sexual habits out of public discourse. Obviously your mother, who taught you to be a wretch, failed with manners and dignity.
    Why is everyone so vulgar these days? I’m over it. You should be too.

  13. Josh says

    Obama doesn’t really like gays. He used them for his political benefit, or to appear benevolent. He’s in such deep sh– now he probably didn’t have time to chat. Say what you will about Putin, but he really knows how to get someone by the balls.

  14. Robbie Horn says

    Maybe it is time for American gays to marry Russian gays to get them out of the country with a visa.

  15. terry says

    Obama is a weak president. Not a bad president or a bad person but he lacks balls and lets Putin and the GOP have there way without making a strong statement. Biden forced him to finally make the statement supporting equal marriage. Obama should call out Putin and not let this wave of human rights abuses take place behind a new Iron Curtain. Obamas silence only emboldens further abuses such as taking away children from gay parents.

  16. MIke says

    Putin couldn’t care less about Obama. In fact, I just read that 75 percent of the French population now wants their government to change their position on his Syria mess. Putin is in the driver’s seat worldwide, Obama in the back in a toddler car seat.

  17. PeteP says

    @Eugene No, the point was to give them a voice, which it did. Now this guy is using that voice to whine about Obama. Pathetic.

  18. JoelD says

    Wow…such vitriol because a guy in a serious situation has the temerity, as reported in the media, to say he disagrees with the president on strategic relations with Russia..

    Did I miss something or do you guys always agree with the president? Or shouldn’t you be grateful merely to breath the same air?

    What’s disappointing is how quickly you’ll shove our own under the bus in defence of your prescious prez… a more measured response might be, I can understand his feelings given the situations in Russia, but not much could be expected from the meeting other than a photo op and nod to show that a world leader cares enough to meet…

  19. greenfuzz says

    This comment thread points out a fact that’s been going on here for awhile now. Has this blog been taken over by teenagers?

  20. Reality says

    what? seriously? the President of the United States, the most powerful country in the world, meets with gay activists in the face of Putin and this guy is “let down” … People are insane.

  21. Josh says

    Mike is right. Obama is being humiliated. History will remember the worst President, who gave us gays and bad insurance. The sink hole is getting bigger. I’d stand back and shut up.

  22. andrew says

    There is no freakin way Mr. Obama ever said he “can’t prioritize human rights in his relationship with Russia” . That Russian Nerd is flat out lying!

  23. TruthSerum says

    Please, is there any record that President Obama actually said those words? Excuse me if I don’t take the word of some cross-eyed Mary.

  24. Polyboy says

    You are a liar Josh.

    Obama is the President who has done the most for gays in this country. It is on record.

    And your bizzare need to bring Obamacare into the conversation just means that you don’t really care about Russian LGBT’s in the first place. You just want to grind your bagger axe.

    For whatever bizzare reason, no one vaguely pro gay sees actually having a private meeting with the President of the U.S. at a a massive summit, when said president declined to meet with the leader of the host country as a moment of visibility, as a bad thing.

    If he was expecting magic, then he really doesn’t know how international politics works.

    No other G20 leader is meeting Russian gay activists. So, the complaints are rather… idiotic.

  25. Kev C says

    We should always remember what President Obama did to DADT:

    1) Vacated a judge’s ruling that made DADT unconstitutional
    2) Making it possible for DADT to re-implimented in the future
    3) Made it impossible for those discharged for being gay to be reinstated or to sue for compensation

    Obama has never been a true ally of gays, just a shrewd and devious politician

  26. m.r. says

    Kevin C you’re totally ridiculous. Just consider the fact that under President Obama the veterans are now going to receive benefits. it’s also under the President that made the decision that married gay couples, as long as they get married in a state where gay marriage is legal, will be able to file as married.

    No matter how you try to nitpick about it, under this president, gay rights have truly expanded. And the people you side with like the tea party, have mostly spent their time writing articles ridiculing Obama for even brining up gay rights in Russia, that’s how low a priority they place it. They would not have even bothered having a conversation of any kind with this Russian activist.

    No matter how many times you post, only a complete moron would buy into your position that the other side would do crap for gay rights.

  27. Kev C says

    M.R. Ask Dan Choi. The only thing he wanted was to be reinstated. He never was. Because of Obama, DADT can be re-installed by a future congress or presidential order. Because of Obama, the gay victims of DADT can not sue for discrimination or be reinstated, because they have no standing.

    If Judge Philips order was not vacated by Obama, Dan Choi would have been reinstated.

  28. JMC says

    Why waste the time of these activists time if all he was going to do was tell them their well being isn’t a priority to him and that he won’t be taking any meaningful action to help them?

    The answer is of course to make himself look good to gay people and their allies without actually having to do anything.

  29. MIke says

    Nobody believes a word he says and he’s spent.
    Peggy Noonan is right: what happens to nearly all Presidents in their second term has happened to Obama at an unbelievably accelerated rate. One year into it, to be exact.

  30. andrew says

    President Obama and his Administration are the best friends that LGBT folks have ever had in those positions. I’m so proud that I got the chance to vote for him twice in his election victories.

  31. says

    Just like Peggy Noonan was right about Mittens winning in a landslide cause, you know, she could feel it. Nothing against Dan Choi, but he’s not really fit to be reinstated. But anyway …

    The meeting was important. And, more importantly, it brought more attention to the plight of LGBT Russians from a world leader. If Igor wasn’t entirely satisfied, that’s fine–there is no easy answer when a desperate dictator is in charge, and that creates frustration and hopelessness among those who want change in Russia.

    Such troll foolishness in the comments …

  32. jomicur says

    Well, at least now he knows how the American LGBT community (or at least the thinking part of it) feels about Obama. All talk, no action.

  33. andrew says

    @JOMICUR: Thinking LGBT people know how important Obama has been in advancement of LGBT equality. We overwhelmingly voted for him for President, TWICE! Indeed through words and actions he has been a champion of LGBT equality.

  34. Polyboy says

    “Thinking people?”

    Masticating lies over and over again is not “thinking” no matter what you believe troll.

    Some how the astroturfers think their theocratic buddies are friends of gays, when there is NO other presidential administration that has done more for U.S. gays.

    Reality is what’s left behind when you stop believing in it and the trolls are definitely living in a delusion. Luckily reality doesn’t demand them to believe it to be true.

  35. Pookie says

    I’m not certain what was expected of a US President in Russia…

    Diplomacy is complex, and short term wins can be long term losses, and vice versa.

    It’s too bad this Russian activist took this opportunity to show that he doesn’t have a grasp of the politics of diplomacy, or the limited influence the President has.

    THis was an opportunity wasted by Russian activists. They have a long way to go before they’re effective. Looks like it’s going to be a slow learning curve for them at this point, and that’s too bad.

  36. Zeta says

    The black man must dance like a monkey, he must follow orders, nuances and practicality be damned. How dare the black man say ‘no’ or ‘it’s complicated’.

  37. Dback says

    A prominent Russian activist said the other day that at this point there is almost nothing that can be done in Russia to help gay people, short of another Russian revolution (and their track record there is…uh…mixed). The best thing gay Russians can do now? “Get out of the country.” Maybe we should be putting our efforts into helping create and “underground railroad” or asylum plan in place for gay Russians who are bailing for America, and need places to stay, job leads, people who speak the language, etc.