1. David From Canada says

    Wasn’t able to watch the clip(not available in your country….)
    James Franco certainly seems to have a great interest in things of a gay nature.
    Is he a closet gay or bi? What is he?

  2. will says

    I’ll watch it. Looks like it might be interesting.

    People: who cares if James Franco is or isn’t gay? Why are you so obsessed with what he does in his frickin bedroom?

    “Is he a closet gay or bi? What is he?”

    Guess what? You don’t HAVE to know the sexuality of every guy that comes down the pike. If he wants to tell us, he’ll tell us. Until then, don’t be boorish & start playing the morality police.

  3. tonyc says

    I love James Franco & not because of his face but his freedom of creativity..I will see it/may be good or a bomb,.that’s the road to being an artist…The gay community has real enemies, he is not one of them

  4. MIke says

    I’m not impressed with the casting choice here. BTW from all accounts James Dean was as infatuated with Sal Mineo as the reverse. Sal was a baby face, this guy isn’t. There used to be a YouTube from right before his death when Peter Lawford interviewed him around LA where “Rebel” was filmed, they were lovers at the time according to the accounts of his acquaintances.

  5. MaryM says

    Is Val Lauren openly gay or bi?

    If not then why not?

    It is utterly unacceptable to hire straight actors for LGBT roles while Hollywood forces actual LGBT actors to remain closeted.

  6. Charlie says

    @Ken “The actor playing Sal doesn’t have a tenth of the magnetism or sex appeal of the real Sal Mineo. Terrible casting.”

    I don’t think anyone could match Sal Mineo. It’s the eyes he is missing. Perhaps this will be a worthwhile movie anyway.

    I had always heard the Sal Mineo was killed by a hustler he was involved with. It seems that was not true — his killer was a stranger attempting to rob him.

  7. Rowan says

    Val is straight and married. He is also somehow linked to Franco via being in the same scene, so a bit of nepotism was done here.

    Also agree that the actual actor had more of a baby face and appeal but isn’t that the case now with so many bi-ops? They REFUSE to actually cast someone who has the same looks and sex appeal, given us egotistical actors/actresses instead-see Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams, Lindsey Lohan etc etc

  8. ChorusGeek says

    This may help determine who he was, how he died and what he looked like. I only remembered the young Sal, but Val doesn’t look too different from the older Sal.

  9. Randy says

    Congratulations tribecafilm, your secrecy is what pushed me to finally install a browser that can make me appear to YouTube to be from the US, even though I’m no longer living there.

    It’s the world-wide web, not the tribecafilm-decides-canada-sucks web.

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