1. Lymis says

    Come on, it’s not like he hasn’t been a train wreck since day one.

    Water is wet.
    Rocks are hard.
    Richard Simmons is deeply painful and embarrassing to watch.

    Not news. It would be far more shocking if he turned up fashionably dressed, well groomed, and speaking coherently.

    But I will grant the man this – he seems to always be having fun, and he’s forced the world to adapt to him and let him live by his own rules in ways that most of us can’t even dream of, and as bizarre as I find him, that can honestly be inspirational.

    At least he was in long pants for a change. That has to count for something.

  2. norseman says

    The man has made his fame and fortune by being outrageous and over the top, so why is anyone surprised? Still doesn’t mean we have to watch it, and for the record, I didn’t.

  3. Paul R says

    Though relieved he wasn’t wearing his trademark shorts, I still don’t quite know if this is funny or sad. I have no problem with it, but the point about him being a gay minstrel is valid.

    At this point it would be more interesting if he acted normal and revealed his intelligence and humor. This is just simplistic shock value that doesn’t really shock anyone anymore.

  4. Dback says

    There are days where I want to give Richard Simmons a standing ovation for his kindness and selflessness in helping millions of people overcome obesity and bad eating habits. And then there are other days where I seriously wonder if he battles some kind of mental illness. Pretty obvious where this falls.

  5. Caliban says

    I’m not loving the drag thing.

    But as someone else said Richard Simmons made the world fit himself. Is he a gay minstrel? Yeah, maybe. But he’s made a career out of accepting people for how they are and introducing exercise to their lives.

    Sure he’s a caricature but I can’t bring myself to dislike him. He’s a joke but a joke people like. He’s harmless, so why bother hating on him?

  6. Princely says

    I don’t have any reason to dislike Richard Simmons as he’s only been helpful to many people over the years. Yes, he’s a self-promoter, but it doesn’t cost me a dime or any of my time.

    The one thing I have always wished for him is that he would officially come out. He still dodges that silly question and sticks to his schtick. His business, I guess, but at this point its sad that he still dodges after showing up in drag lately.

  7. says

    the man has saved countless lives. his attitude and demeanor should be an inspiration to anyone and everyone who still worries each day about “what other people will think”.

    Simmons doesn’t care. emulate that and you’ll find happiness.

  8. Brandon H says

    He was pretty heavily abused as a child and I think he’s been so oppressed he’s never been able to fully come out officially. I think he comes off as really really sad.

  9. GregV says

    I have no idea what his sexual identity or orientation are, and I’ve never seen him asked (or, therefore, dodging questions about it.
    But his demeanor suggests something unusual.
    If he is bi or gay or trans or intersexed or asexual (or some other category we don’t usually think of) then I’m not sure it would be helpful to either that minority group or to his own goals for him to become their unwitting spokesman.
    And if he is straight, he may not want to deflect attention away from the things he wants to discuss and onto very personal and maybe embarrassing relationship issues and/or medical questions.
    He doesn’t owe it to the public to open his therapist’s or medical files for our consumption.

  10. E. Dallas says

    He has a seriously surreal take on life – the same lack of conformity to social expectations that led to this very odd performance also led to his championing hundreds of thousands of neglected and ridiculed people over the years.

    I think he’s a wonderful man – and I also cringe sometimes!

  11. FFS says

    People who suffer from bipolar disorder are often bubbly, class clown, life of the party types in public.

    But, behind closed doors, when the laughter stops . . . look out.

    Hope there’s a medical healthcare professional somewhere with an eye on Richard’s well-being.

  12. Emily Anne says

    Ugh, that was SO uncomfortable and disturbing. He’s not respecting other people’s boundaries and there is something…..I don’t know……cringe worthy. It’s not because of cross dressing or being gay or ???? That’s not it. And about helping people with weight problems, well, he made a ton of money doing it didn’t he? He may be compassionate and empathic in some ways, but this was just creepy. Wonder if he was sexually abused and so acts out????

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