Simon Cowell Says Being ‘Born Gay’ Would Have Saved Him a Fortune


Simon Cowell somehow thinks being born gay would have saved him a lot of money:

His glamorous girlfriends before 36-year-old US socialite Lauren include TV presenter Terri Seymour, 38, pop singer Sinitta, 49, and make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy. But instead of falling out with his lovers when they split, he has stayed pals, lavished them with gifts and even regularly taken them on holiday together.

He cracked the gag in an interview in the States hosted by Terri, 38. When she asked if he had ever feared bankruptcy he said: “Yes, particularly when I’ve had girlfriends like you lot!

“I said to someone the other day that I wish I had been born gay. I would have saved a fortune.”


  1. Dan says

    This guy is a textbook closet case. He has a long history of calling the tabloids to photograph his alleged girlfriends leaving his house or otherwise cavorting with him. Of course they stay friends with him — he lavishes gifts on them in exchange for beard services rendered. And the reckless behavior impregnating that woman is just him trying to declare that he is a manly stud, regardless of the consequences.

  2. Tristy says

    The fact that he thinks dating gay men would save him money proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s straight. Had he ever had relations with a younger attractive man he would know they can dig gold with the best of them.

  3. Sam says

    I have a few straight friends that wish they were gay after dealing with a female succubus.

    Course they have seen that most gay relationships are just as drama filled if not more so than straight ones.

  4. m says

    hmm . . . . . he’s not attention seeking. seem’s popular with the famous to ponder “if i were gay . . . . but i’m not” of course you’re not gay (ugh whatever). but lets make sure everyone sees you as thoughtful, sensitive, respectful and not a hater because . . . . . forget gaydar how about a bullsh*t sensor. does anyone serious care if he’s gay? simon, sweety, get the f*ck over yourself.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    Blablablabluhbluh (makemoney,makemoney)bluhbluhblatherblather… pathetic what it takes to get some attention these days.

    Nick Gruber is only at (for the moment) the teeny tiny top of a very long list. Not to forget all the victims of blackmail probably dating back to forever. Nobody’s safe when you’re a (horny) rich man.

  6. GregV says

    I think every straight guy I know has been treated as a sugar daddy, even when he made less money than the woman he dated.
    A typical story is: “The two girls invited me and my buddy to the most expensive restaurant in town, then when the bill came they put on their coats and said they’d meet us outside.”
    This behavior has extended for years in long-term relationships and haunts divorced men who continue paying an ex’s bills for years even when she earns more.
    I don’t know what perplexes me more: the woman who is fine with this or the otherwise-assertive man who ISN’T fine with it but feels poweless to say, “Here’s $5 for my burger; it looks like you owe $60 for your wine and lobster.”
    Of course there are sugar daddies in the gay community, but it ses far more endemic among heterosexuals.

  7. says

    dear sir or vagina:

    i didn’t CHOOSE TO like beer. i didn’t CHOOSE TO like smoking. i didn’t CHOOSE TO like gambling. i am VERY OFFENDED and concerned of the damage that “counseling” and talk-therapy is doing to people…as well as one person in particular – ME.

    we all are “born this way”. a liar is any “counselor” who says that he can change the way a person IS. a liar is any “music therapist” who says that music can change peoples’ moods and outlooks. a liar is any “marriage counselor” who says that he can piece-together a broken relationship.

    who are courts to mandate that anyone receive behavior-counseling? what year are we in – hasn’t the whole “counseling” and feel-good “therapy” industry been recognized as the fraud that it is? nobody can change other people, people are BORN WITH enough information about the world to have been given a complete identity AT BIRTH. the way that anyone is…is simply predetermined. however we are, we were BORN THIS WAY.

    a liar is any “counselor” who says that he can change the way a person IS. a liar is any “music therapist” who says that music can change peoples’ moods and outlooks. a liar is any “marriage counselor” who says that he can piece-together a broken relationship.

    who are psychologists and “counselors” to say that they can change me into a non-gambling (dare i say “perfect”) man? who are psychologists to say that, just by talking to me, they can change my dependency on slot-machines? people who try to “help” the gambler are not tolerant of diversity, and they really should be shot. who are they to say that gambling is a problem? furthermore, who are they to suggest that it’s not a predetermined state-of-mind? and, above all else, who are they to say that minds can be changed?

    come to think of it, who are psychologists to say that talk-therapy can change anything about me? i am what i am, and it’s nobody’s place to change what i am. if i was a gambling-addict, if my curiosity and interest was aroused by pulling the long handles on slot-machines, i was BORN that way. it is nobody’s place to tell me that there is help for my kind, because that is an insult to the way god made me. also, it is an insult to the identity my brain had formed ON ITS OWN – either when i was in the womb or at the moment when the sperm hit the egg. i was BORN THIS WAY, born with the identity of a gambler. furthermore, to suggest that i wasn’t BORN THIS WAY, that i actually became this way through my life’s experiences, well, that’s an insult to my INDIVIDUALISM. any counselor who says that he can change people, well, he’s really saying that people are impressionable, insecure and ditzy enough to BE changed. that they’re not rooted within themselves.

    well, i AM rooted within myself. nobody can change me into a non-smoking, non-drinking man who doesn’t get so much gratification from stuffing his face with pop-tarts, because this is my IDENTITY. nobody can change anyone’s identity, and for “counselors” and psychologists to even SUGGEST that they can…well, it makes me mad.

    don’t tell me that you can change the way i look at slot-machines, don’t tell me that it is wrong for me to be so mentally aroused by slot-machines, don’t tell me that i wasn’t born with the insecurities i feel when i’m not close to a casino. nobody can change the psychological boner i get when i’m standing in front of (and gawking at the presence of) a casino, and nobody can change the boner i AM when i’ve slipped right through the door on the backside of the casino.

    i was born this way. before my brain was able to process any information about the outside world, i was born this way. before opinions were able to be formed in my brain, i was born with opinions. before my mind had developed enough to be psychologically aroused, i was born this way.

    and any psychologist who says he can change my mind, well, he’s just making convenient excuses. i was born this way.

    mr. dylan terreri i
    dr. sheldon cooper, ii
    “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it.” – Madonna

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