1. says

    Let’s get real.

    “Faith” is only the fuel when all rationality, logic,and evidence have been abandoned.

    Believe what you like; but it’s only a ‘belief’…….nothing more.
    Elevating ‘a belief’ into the mythology of a religion is grandiose at best, preposterous at worst.

  2. peterparker says

    What JACKFKNTWIST said.

    Also, I have to say that I think it is great that they are advocates for equality. There will always be people of faith, at least in the lifetimes of all of us posting here, and those people can relate to the Youngs. They are a bridge through which faith-based bigotry can be lessened.

    But I truly believe the only way to eliminate faith-based bigotry is for all societies to finally come to the realization that religion is mythological bullshite, created by men who by today’s standards would be considered uneducated, and continued by the fearful. Abandoning religion in favor of logic is the only way to end bigotry.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    They’re enslaved to a corporation that they pay to tell them a ridiculous collection of badly-written stories put together by one of the world’s most notorious con men, with rituals and practices completely stolen from the Freemasons. By making sure that his new cult was, like the Freemasons, also a secret society, he knew that nobody who was either a Mason or a Mormon would ever know what he did. That’s pretty ingenious, actually, although very evil.

    Since Smith preyed on ignorance of 19th Century yokels, one can at least partially understand why anybody fell for his racket in the beginning, but anybody with an Internet connection who would join or stay in the Mormon cult today is an idiot, a lunatic or both.

    I get that these two can be useful idiots for us, but, oh, what a much better world it would be if we didn’t need to use idiots to tame other idiots so we can secure peace and quiet and civil rights.

  4. Louis says


    I just watched both, very interesting couple of speeches. Steve’s was very nice and sincere, very appreciated, but Barb really stole the show… I would say… she’s throwing blind. And changing the world.

  5. Worthington says

    I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!

    thank God for people like them in this day and age. I’m so happy to hear their words.

    Gay people, as gay people, NEED to be INCLUDED into the matrix of society. We as worthy!

  6. scott says

    Wow…. incredibly sweet. @JimStoic, I agree- straight people advocating for LGBT rights- especially from difficult positions, and I mean the kind of advocacy like this woman does- working hard, doing talks, fundraising, doing the real work of changing minds- are courageous and should be applauded.

    On a side note- I don’t think it’s necessary to sound off about how stupid another person’s religion is constantly. @jackfkntwist, I generally agree with your comments, but I do think LGBT atheists should be careful not to alienate those friends in the faith community who are allies. I’m speaking as a person of faith- who has many doubts about my own beliefs.

  7. Gregory In Seattle says

    And yet, they continue to be active in an organization that has announced a stated purpose for destroying LGBT legal rights and lives. As far as I’m concerned, they are hypocrites of the worst sort.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    I used to make jokes about Mormons–as though they were the only group I could be safely be bigoted against (well, also conservative Republicans) Then I found out that the very first person I ever voted for in my life was a Mormon. His name was Morris Udall. He was running for president in 1976 and he was the most progressive Democrat in the primaries that year. He has two very progressive sons in the US Senate right now.

    Yep, there are some good Mormons. They’re just a little crazier than the rest of us Christians :-)

  9. John M. says

    The two talks need to be taken as a set. Steve preached and Barb witnessed. I was expecting more of a power punch at the end of Steve’s. He was willing to let her deliver that.

    My observation is that the church needs two things from the Young family: first, they need the name recognition as it gives validity; second, she can get away with speaking far enough outside doctrine (which he teaches!) that it can jog a little action at HQ.

    Remember the big controversy from Salt Lake over the Book of Mormon (the musical)? There was remarkably little. Barb takes it a step further.

  10. andrew says

    Steve is a great guy and his heart is in the right place. However his “faith” is just the belief in old myths (LDS, just recent nonsense) for which there is no evidence. Faith: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism et al are just baseless myths without any foundations in fact.

  11. Francis #1 says

    Well, at the end of the day, whatever you think about religion and Mormonism as a whole, Steve and especially Barb are two allies who have name recognition and thus, their support matters and means a lot. Especially for young gay Mormons. I respect them and love Barb, you can tell how deeply she really is connected to the fight for LGBT rights.

  12. MK ULTRA says

    Steve Young hasn’t said anything the Mormon church hasn’t already said. “We love you”. “We want to build bridges with you”. “We want to understand you”
    But he never says he supports gay rights. In fact, he just seems to be endorsing the “being gay is not a sin but acting on it is” meme.
    So if you believe that as a gay person, you deserve no sexual or romantic life, then the Mormon church will support you.

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