1. Michael says

    Incredible band, beautiful song, amazing video.
    Looking forward to seeing them in NYC on Tuesday night as well

  2. don't a tell la says

    after being force fed countless Lady Caca posts and that boring “music” column on fridays, this is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for post. More please.

  3. don't a tell la says

    @ Jase, wasn’t she dating Sam Taylor-Wood. Sounds GAY to me.

    Besides, gays are known for having good taste in music (with exceptions of course) so this is a VERY GAY post.

  4. says

    wonderful wonderful wonderful. evocative and moving.

    as for the anti-trans trolls: take solace; they’re complete cowards who are merely jealous that transgendered people have the balls they’ll never have. it’s the truth.

    you show me a gay anti-trans commenter who has the orbs to make their statements from a place of visibility and i’ll show you a unicorn.

    day in, day out – closeted gay male wimps come online, switch through various screen names, denigrate transgendered people, and do so from a place of complete anonymity. so rest assured, their cowardice will be their own downfall. as it should be.

  5. Paul R says

    I don’t know if she’s a lesbian, but I wish they’d shown her a bit more, she’s lovely. And great live, so have fun to all of you. I have no idea why she’s not playing where I live.

    Not many artists would release this video, mainly because not many record companies would pay for it. Though I’ll hazard a guess that there’s a version without the first 3 minutes of silence.

  6. GregV says

    @Starquisha: She is (or was when she was asked) in a relationship with a woman but she has not said if she is bi or gay, instead saying she has no desire to put a label on herself.

  7. LaPetiteMort says

    Hadn’t seen this one yet, so thanks for posting. What a beautiful, evocative video. The young actor is wonderful as well; conveys so much with a wistful glance. Dismayed to read the anti-trans comments as well. It’s 2013. No excuse, neanderthal.

    As for those asking about Alison’s relationship status, I believe she’s still dating Lisa Gunning, the director of this video and the first video from the album, “Drew”. That one is equally lovely and you certainly get to see more of Alison.

  8. Robert says

    Goldfrapp has made some of the most catchy, sexy, filthy dance music, well, ever. So it’s always incredibly shocking when they also come up with some of the most gorgeous ballads in 20 years. Their Seventh Tree album (A&E in particular) is just….stunning. Even without the beautiful message, Goldfrapp makes me glad to be allowed to share music with friends and strangers.

  9. starquisha says

    The new album “Tales of Us” is stunning and a real contender for AOTY. Recalls the period when Scott Walker rejected pop predictability and set out to create a singular expression of himself as artist. This hints strongly at mid-career Walker as an influence, and that is quite a good thing.