1. Adam says

    Is the constant promotion of Justin Timberlake on Towleroad warranted? What has he ever done for gay rights?

    Justin was in Russia last week to promote his new movie Runner Runner. To my knowledge, he failed to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

    To my knowledge, Towleroad did not call him out on it.

  2. Bryan says

    “Drops?” Seriously? Do you not get it that this word is ambiguous in this headline? I’d forgive it if you used it ironically with some kind of TKO pun, but you just use it like it’s acceptable English. It is bad writing. Ambiguous. Poor journalism. Slang. Cliche. Smarmy. And, umm, douchebaggy.

  3. jamal49 says

    It’s a bit too, um, heterosexual for my tastes but I’ve always liked Justin Timberlake, so, it’s OK. I guess. The beats sort of MOR but Justin’s getting a little older, so I guess this is the result.

  4. Michael says

    He always makes me think he got into Dad’s closet for dress up. I have never been able to take him seriously, he just makes me laugh and all of his stuff is the same again and again.

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