Zac Efron Went to Rehab for Cocaine and Ecstasy, is Good Now


Zac Efron spent some time in rehab earlier this year, TMZ reports:

We're told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen's movie "Neighbors," (above) which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April. Sources tell us Zac — who also starred in the movie — was a no-show on a number of days.  As one source connected with the film tells us, "It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine."

Three other sources confirm … Zac's problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly — a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves.

E! News adds:

"He's healthy, happy and not drinking," one source said. "He's taking time to focus on working."

Posted September 18, 2013 at 7:43am ETC by Andy Towle
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