AIDS Charity Housing Works to Get at Least $211,000 for Banksy Nazi Painting


As you may have heard, for yesterday's work in his NYC-based 'Better in Than Out' exhibition, Banksy bought a painting at a thrift shop, painted a Nazi into it, and returned it to the thrift shop with the title "The Banality of the Banality of Evil".

That charity thrift shop was Housing Works on E. 23rd street, which works to end AIDS and homelessness. Housing Works is currently auctioning off the Banksy.

As of this posting, with a day to go in the auction, the leading bid is $211,311.00

Quite a gift from Banksy.


  1. woody says

    His actions themselves are artful.
    Banksy is an amazing performance artist.
    I’d argue that that is art.

    And the physical works have some pretty serious import. This painting on a painting does scream that evil can be banal, which is pretty dangerous. And the fact that nobody bought his bargain artworks in central park one day but bought the fake banksies the next day thinking they’d make a killing is a real stab at our greedy society. He invited people into his performance art and succeeded.
    This is an interesting guy laying bare some things that should be laid bare.

  2. Kev C says

    A lot of modern/pop art is con art performed by con artists. Look at Lady Gaga. She opened up several charities, including Haiti, that have disappeared, taking millions of dollars with them and helping no one. Celebrity charities are cons.

  3. JWL says

    Gays are so disappointing now. They used to be the first ones to be in on the story and get the joke first. But that isnt true anymore because everyone seems to be trying so hard to be hetero normative. Banksy knows art and he knows publicity and self promotion better than most and it shows. Learn about him and stop embarrassing yourselves.

  4. JWL says

    KEV C are you saying that Housing Works is a con operation that is stealing money? Because that is who Banksy donated the painting to, so if that’s what youre saying Id love to see your documentation on that or you should probably just STFU.

  5. Tyler says

    A lot of the comments on this site are made by one troll under several different usernames. Kev C is actually just Rick, Adrenan P, Litper, Adam and Jason. And every time you respond to one it encourages him to keep doing this. Just ignore Kev C and the other homophobic, anti-effeminacy , misogynistic aliases of Rick. This site would be so much better if he disappeared but he won’t.

  6. says

    Yeah, this is ridiculous. What, are we supposed to be thankful or something? I mean, I just dropped off a whole bunch of CDs and a couple old paperbacks to Housing Works and you don’t see me asking for applause. Some “artist” gives them a quarter-million dollar gift and we’re all supposed to be, like, “Thanks!”? What kind of idiots do they think we are?

  7. Kev C says

    JWL, I can almost guarantee that Housing Works is doing shady fundraising. They too have done fundraising work in Haiti. The thing about Haiti relief is that there is not a shred of oversight, accountability or verification of anyone doing anything but pocketing money. The Haiti earthquake was a goldmine for charity fraudsters.

  8. Just_a_guy says

    Kev C: Please support your smearing of this charity with facts and figures that make sense. You haven’t done so because you don’t have them.

    (Grrr. Why is it so easy to get drawn into feeding the trolls, lol.)

    Oh, and good on banksy. It makes me wonder about the logistics of how banksy operates so secretly.

  9. Kev C says

    Ask yourself why a Homeless/AIDS charity is raising funds for the Haiti earthquake, a country that has no oversight over charity, no accountability at all. Because the opportunity of low-risk fast cash. Unless they can provide documentation for their fundraising, they should be viewed as opportunists and not legitimate.

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