1. andy says

    I’m sure he thinks there’s some lesson in people passing up amazing things that are right under their noses. To me, the lesson is that his art’s value is relative to the context it’s in. A stencil on a canvas isn’t even worth $60. To make out with $420 seems good to me.

  2. johnny says

    A work of art’s value is only that which someone is willing to pay for it, regardless of what the artist or anyone else thinks it’s worth at the time.

    This is the standard for art sales and there’s always a lot of shock and embarrassment at auctions due to this fact.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    Don’t love his art either, but Banksy (kind of the anti-Damien Hirst, which places Mr. B higher on my list) has made an interesting point here; and either knocked down the value of his previously auctioned pieces or made a few smart street buyers a lot richer.

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