1. Moz's says

    very cool & impressive

    but not “space/ outer space” till the end of exosphere which is another 119,975.7sh more miles up

    impressive and record breaking but his jump was from well within earth atmosphere between the troposphere and stratosphere

    he still had the mesosphere, thermosphere , and exosphere between him and true “SPACE” which is about 1/2 way between earth and the moon

  2. Moz's says

    @ process

    i did complement the cool record setting

    But science is technical and precise not wishy washy

    space doesn’t even begin anywhere where this record jump took place, was still well within earth atmosphere

  3. anon says

    “Space” is generally defined as above 100km altitude (about 60 miles or about 393700 ft). Moz is wrong, the troposphere ends at 40000 ft, not 400000 ft (off by a factor of 10 there).

    You can follow his altimeter on the video.

  4. Moz's says


    space is defined as beyond the exosphere which is 1/2 way between the earth and moon

    heck the guy was still within the geocorona

    where did i say the troposphere was a #

    i said between the troposphere (12 miles at tropics..this guy was at 24sh miles) and the stratosphere out to about 31 miles

    the exosphere = thin but still present earth atmospheric gases mostly hydrogen held by earth’s gravity…stretches out to like 120,000 MILES

    he was nowhere outside of earth’s gravity, outside of earths geocorona, outside of earth atmosphere

    nowhere near….space…outer space whatever you wish to call that which is not part of EARTH , starts at 1/2 way point between earth and the moon

    sorry, impressive feat deserving to be in guines book BUT calling it “space” otr edge of space is a PR stunt bit from red bull

    put the guy in the guiness book, but o not refer to it as space or edge of dspace or outer space

    he was within earth gravity, earth atmosphere, and geocorona

  5. Kev C says

    Gravity extends outward infinitely at the speed of light, so being outside of Earth’s gravity means being outside the Milky Way galaxy.

    He was never outside of the galaxy.

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