1. MaryM says

    Well why are they acting surprised.

    Obama does not care about American people.

    American politicians work to help corporations. Anyone who thinks the government cares about the public is sorely mistaken.

  2. mizzymm says

    That is insane, of course Obama cares about the American people.There are problems with Obamacare, but there were problems with Medicare when it beagan as well.

  3. kdknyc says

    Jack M:

    I can list:
    Social Security
    Rural Electrification
    The interstate highway system
    The G.I. Bill after world war II, that created a prosperous middle class
    The space program
    The internet

    There are more, but this idea that government can’t do anything is just that–a myth. Would you like private contractors to do things? Then we’d get Halliburton building army bases where the wiring is so poor that soldiers get electrocuted, all for premium prices.

  4. Michael Heynz says

    Once again, the “liberal media” FAILS to google for 30 seconds and find that Sebelius said in JUNE 2010 that if the individual’s plan has to significantly change due to the essential requirements of the ACA, they may have to get a new plan (within the same insurance company / network / doctor). Sebelius said in 2010 that 47 – 60% of people could be affected. Someone please send a memo to dumasses Maher and Morgan.

  5. LincolnLounger says

    I think as the problems continue to mount and the American people see what the Democrat majorities “had to pass the bill” so they “could see what’s in it,” the Tea Party shutdown will be a distant memory.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    If it wasn’t for Obamacare I wouldn’t have the best insurance I’ve ever had for less than what my employer was charging me for half the insurance. Eyecare, dental, my own personal physician, low-cost prescriptions and I’ve already seen the savings in my paycheck – which grew bigger because I cancelled the prior health insurance. Again, I pay less for more today then I did two months ago.

  7. crispy says

    Uhhhhh, I’m a big supporter of Obamacare, but the plans don’t actually start until Jan. 1, 2014.

    So not sure how you’re already getting coverage or seeing savings in your paycheck unless you came back from the future.

  8. simon says

    Unless you are God, it is safe to say no one knows how something will actually work out before it is in full swing. There are some small scale trials like the Romneycare. Will it be a disaster or are there problems which are insurmountable as the GOP wishes, I don’t think so. As long as problems are dealt with in a pragmatic way.

  9. jakeinlove says

    It’s not a lie. The insurance companies could have modified the existing policy to incorporate the new laws of the ACA. They chose not to on purpose and said they had to cancel policies, but are happy to offer a new one to include a new price.

    This is more insurance companies looking to increase their profit margins and blame it on the president.

  10. Bob R says

    I’m 65 years old and have worked for several different companies and have had many employer offered/paid health insurance plans. They changed every year according to premium price. Every year I had to change doctors. Every year some benefits were deleted and others added. Co-pays and deductibles usually increased. There were ALWAYS limits or caps on coverage.

    I now have Medicare. I also have a Medicare “Advantage Plan”. I’ve been on Medicare (due to disability) for six years. Every year my Medicare Advantage Plan has changed. Doctors are added/deleted along with hospitals. Benefits are changed and deductibles, co-pays etc increase. That’s the insurance business, especially in health care.

    Each year my homeowner’s insurance premium increases as replacement costs increase. My auto insurance premiums inch up as repair costs or claims increase. Again, that’s insurance.

    My sister, who doesn’t get insurance through her employer and has several serious “pre-existing” conditions, will now be able to get very good insurance through “Obamacare” for almost nothing due to her income (the Bronze Plan). If she buys the “Silver Plan”, her coverage is excellent for about $55 a month.

    I want to see in a year from now, how many people want “Obamacare” repealed. Reagan railed against Medicare calling it communism. Now we have intellectual powerhouses like the bimbo Susan Sommers calling it a “Ponzi scheme” when she has no idea what a Ponzi scheme actually is.

    It’s not perfect. But it is a start. Hopefully, we’ll someday get to where the rest of the industrialized world is and offer national healthcare for all.

  11. NYCer says

    This is how you find out who truly is a uncompromised ideologue. People like Little Kiwi, Derrick, Jamal, etc. will still support Obama here and will find NO blame with what has happened with the Obamacare rollout. It’s pretty sad to be such sheep.

  12. Glen says

    Lincolnlounger speaks the truth. The nightmare of was the worst thing that could have happened to Obama and the democrats. No one even remembers the shutdown now that all faux news and the copy cat big three do is runs stories about it’s failure. Add to that the proliferation of people posting blatantly false stories of “my premiums are now 1999 a month.” Having Pierce and Bill hammer him on a lie that is not a lie is just fuel to the non existent fire.

  13. says

    Why is it that most politicians and the controlled media have the masses focused on fixing a dysfunctional website, and/or extending the “you better sign-up by then” date forward? Neither fix the underlying problem. The problem is corporate greed and voters not being allowed to vote on how they are governed!
    Because I choose to operate a deadly weapon on the streets of my community, I am then responsible to carry auto insurance in the event that I cause harm to another. However, to force me (which may eventually happen under a future Homeland security act, due to the desire of those controlling the federal government plan to imbed RFID microchips into the masses via Obama Care) into a health care system, aka.. (Affordable Health Care Act), which is designed to, not only create massive wealth for corporations such as the AMA, Big Parmakia and insurance companies, which not only violates my constitutional rights, my free-will right to choose, but also to physically control the masses. Hitler’s 3rd Reich was a trial run. The 4th Reich began when We, the People allowed the ruling class to rob us of our Constitutional Republic and install their Corporate Democratic Dictatorship;

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