1. Francis #1 says

    Well, one thing is clear—the song is very gay, as is the title. Britney knows who to target. I expect gay/bi men to eat this up. For me…it’s OK. I don’t love it, but it’s not terrible. It’s a good song to dance to.

  2. justin says

    Well, she is good at posing. mmm, and she can lift her hands over her head to the beat. Oh and she looks stunning.

  3. says

    Comeback? Her last album was a hit. Do you know what a “comeback” implies? Simply releasing new material isn’t a comeback.

  4. Sam says

    …um…well at least shes sort of still commercially successful I guess. I mean thats all shes got really. I highly doubt she even took part in the creative process of this song. I bet she spent like 15 minutes “singing” this in a studio and let everyone else just do the mixing or autotune or whatever they wanted with the vocals.

  5. Felix says

    so symbolic! the inverted pyramid as her mental stability, being dragged only by a bunch of slaved bitches (the gays).

    I like it.

  6. Jeko says

    Yawn. I like Britney only because she’s seems nice and everything, but where are the gay males in this video?

    How is this a gay video?

    Why do female pop stars always wrap gayness around straight male fantasies of hot girl on hot girl action?

    The song is eh, but I feel like it’s combines the worst elements : lazy appropriation of gay lingo (from a very small gay segment anyway – wow – what else is new? They think we’re all drag queens), and a lot of been there, done that straight girl on straight girl erotica.

    Excessive beats, check
    random gay slang, check
    visuals that have nothing to do with gay men, check.

  7. ripppped says

    Why do gays have such terrible taste in music?

    I mean, this is a stellar year for breakout women artists (Haim, Chvrches, Feathers) and I don’t think any of those artists have been mentioned once on this site.

    Yet, this has-been, auto-tuned trash? Just pathetic.

  8. cory says

    Why do you queens insist upon ALWAYS commenting on her videos if you don’t like her? You know what I do if I see a story I don’t like? I DON’T CLICK ON IT!! It’s really not that hard. You should all try it!
    Oh, and RIPPPED, I’ll tell you where the stories on those artists are that you mentioned…NO WHERE! Because no one has ever heard of them!

  9. JLEE says

    it’s my favorite new workout song, but I doubt that Britney even broke a sweat in that video. I miss the days of “I’m a Slave for you…”

  10. Jitney Pears says

    @ Ripped

    It started with Disco music, which was not that bad, and from what I’ve learned, it was a positive genre for gay, black and latino people back then because it was primarily created by them, in urban centers. Then along came Madonna and because she aligned herself with gay rights, some gay people grew into pop/club beat fans for life. Don’t forget that sound – club sounds – became a part of the cutting edge for artists and when that happens dreck usually follows. Some gay people are all about the NewNowNext, idolizing personas that are “larger than life” and adhering to sounds which could be considered to have its foundation in the early gay movement of expression.
    BUUT these days the gay music scene is pretty weak PRECISELY because a lot of the musicians aren’t evolving…..They just keep eating the stale parts of an expired genre out of…..nostalgia I think.
    I’m a younger gay guy. Young gays aren’t in it for nostalgia. They just don’t know any better, besides, Britney transcends other musicians. She is a superstar with fans everywhere. She’s a total cornball though, whioh is why she likes the “gay sound.” It’s kind of embarrassing that gay people love house, and Britney, and all the cheese associated with club music. It’s just not soulful enough for me. The sheen, precision and total artifice of popular music is a subversion of the original pop sounds of the 60s and 70s imo. I’ll listen to the stuff, but it’s not important. The only reason why it’s still important is because we have an ignorant population, gay and straight, with regard to music and also because the music doesn’t IMPORT genius or creativity – the fans make it ‘important’ by virtue of their incessant need to only listen to things that aren’t challenging and which reaffirms their given taste, which isn’t there, but they don’t know it because high fructose corn syrup is cheaper and more plentiful than the real thing these days. They don’t actually like Gaga or Britney, they just like that THEY like her – and that’s enough for them to put up with the over the top and/or mind numbingly predictable.

    Haha, I just typed that.

  11. ripppppped says

    Cory, plenty of people have heard of those bands. Haim have been all over NPR, NME, Spin and other music sites this week. Their album is going to make many best-of-the-year lists.

    The reason you haven’t heard of them is because all your friends are shallow and you all still listen to music produced for teenage girls.

  12. Adam says

    Where is the gay male aesthetic in this video? You know, the hot hunks.

    Oh, now I remember. Britney is apparently not comfortable with the gay male aesthetic. Looks like her video director, Ben Mor, might be a little on the homophobic side.

  13. SpaceCadet says

    This video seems plenty “gay” to me. And the video director is homophobic because he doesn’t use the “gay male aesthetic”? Get real. I guess most music videos and their directors are homophobic then. And if you paid attention there were half-naked guys in this video.

  14. SpaceCadet says

    Soulless but catchy danceable track riding on the EDM movement. Auto tuned vocals from Britney as usual. She looks good in the video but soulless as usual, and not a ton of sustained dancing because of all of the quick edits. Of course she never did dance as hard or good after she busted her knee 9 years ago. This video plays like a glossy ad for her upcoming Vegas show. I’d see it for $5.

  15. Adam says

    Space Cadet,

    Get a clue, sweetheart. There is nothing in the way of male-male sensuality in this video by Britney. She avoids it. She is not gay-friendly. She’s a pig.

  16. gomez says

    good beats, looks nice, the girl-on-girl is getting irritating, soulless, dated, vapid, pointless junk

    thus adoration from too many gay men. like a bad cliche

  17. tinkerbelle says

    Video not worth commenting on. And there’s no voice left, the entire thing could have been made on computer without a human in sight.

    How many words is that?

  18. SpaceCadet says


    Get a life, girl. Who’s expecting or asking of Britney Spears to provide male-male sensuality. That absence of that does not equate to homophobia.

  19. Robert says

    I don’t think Britney is that talented, but if her voice is that robotic, how come her voice is always so identifiable? Are we supposed to believe there’s one computer that sounds like Britney and it’s all a big secret? Come on. She’s been making albums for 14 years. She may not be talented, but she definitely has a sound.

  20. tagg says

    Guess she hired the same people who stretched Mariah Carey’s pic for her #1 Hits cd…Brit brit ain’t that thin or has those lean legs. Laughable.

  21. Kevin B says

    I can’t believe how bad her dancing has become. Notice she barely does anything but stand there. And when she does dance it’s either a long shot or she’s surrounded by and partially covered by dancers who are masking her lack of. Is this a result of being out of shape? Drugs?

  22. Adam says

    Britney can’t sing, act or dance. She looks like a washed-up drag queen at an AIDS benefit for gay men who are inexplicably into lesbians.

  23. John says

    Jitney: Sorry you missed the best gay music when it was new. I can’t speak for today. I mean who wants to go out when everyone has marriage on their minds, and the best have already been taken. No marriage and take what you want, was so much more fun…and the soundtrack was so fresh. This was all before Britney’s breakdown. She’s already rich beyond anyone’s dreams, but good to see the girl out there, looking good, and way beyond shaving her head.

  24. Marco says

    I’m rooting for Britney but I don’t understand how she went from such a fantastic and sharp dancer to hair flips and arm poses. DANCE BRITNEY!