Call For World Cup Boycott In Response To Qatar’s ‘Gay Test’

Qatar Stadium

Last month we told you about how the new FIFA anti-discrimination task force is already on the job to hold Russia and Qatar accountable for their anti-gay laws given that both nations will be hosting the World Cup in 2018 and 2022, respectively. The task force is going to have their work cut out for them now that Qatar, along with several other Persian Gulf countries, has put in place a medical "gay test" to screen out homosexual visitors to their country.

In the wake of such absurdity, LGBT activist Peter Tatchell is calling for an out-and-out boycott of the country, insisting that the World Cup in Qatar be canceled.

"This contradicts previous assurances given to FIFA by the Qatar government that everyone will be welcome and that there will be no discrimination," [Tatchell] said.

"FIFA now has no option but to cancel the world cup in Qatar. Allowing it to go head in these circumstances would involve FIFA colluding with homophobic discrimination."

A FIFA spokesperson said that they are "not aware about the specific matter" of the proposed legislation, but "FIFA's zero tolerance policy towards any acts of racism and discrimination affecting the freedom of private persons – including their sexual and political freedom – applies to the FIFA World Cup and to all other FIFA events and activities."


  1. HadenoughBS says

    You don’t need a medical test to confirm homophobia in people or in governments, e.g., Russia and the Persian Gulf states.
    This is one condition that’s evident on its face. Therefore, since the new anti-gay immigration stance by the PG states flies in the face of FIFA’s anti-discrimination position, it has no choice but to withdraw the 2018 and 2022 World Cup games from Russia and Qatar. There is no other choice.
    Government-sanctioned homophobia must have international consequences.

  2. Brian1 says

    It’s not clear whether this medical test is proposed or actual legislation, but ti’s really irrelevant to the matter at hand. Qatar, the rest of the Middle East and most of Africa are many times worse than Russia on gay rights. FIFA has a stated policy against gay discrimination while the Olympics pointedly do not. Yet everyone’s piling maximum pressure on the Olympics, which really doesn’t care about anything gay, to leave Russia, a country that probably scores in the middle of the (generally unappealing) pack on gay rights, But overtly pro-gay FIFA thought it was a good idea to hold the World Cup in ground zero of the anti-gay movement, and has almost gotten a free pass on this. This can’t be the right way to go.

  3. jjose712 says

    Maybe this is the perfect excuse to change the host nation.
    Qatar is not Russia, and there are enough problems with Qatar being the host already.

    Blatter wants to change the date of the world cup, and Germany and england just said no way (without Germany, england, france and spain, there’s no world cup no matter what Blatter wants)

  4. Alan E. says

    It’s not just the anti-gay crap. They are also using LOTS of near-slae labor with countless deaths (that can’t be counted officially because they are swept aside by the government). FIFA needs to move the venue NOW.

  5. Carmen says

    There is no way that they are gonna change the venue before the FIFA elections. Blatter needs the middle eastern votes to elect his protege.
    Now, after that it is a different story…

  6. says

    FIFA needs to act now… waiting for a committee to look into this absurdity.
    What a wonderful call for tolerance it would be to abandon the World Cup in Qatar now because of its perceived homophobia….it would send the exact signal to the world that homophobia is anathema in civilized society.

  7. Jumper says

    And how do they propose to do this “medically”? Sounds like an interrogation. I’m sure these asshats’ gay day is as good as their track records on women’s rights

  8. TampaZeke says

    I think that the World Cup should be moved from Qatar but I’m confused about this report. Yesterday the report was that KUWAIT was planning this “gay test”. Kuwait and Qatar are two different countries.

  9. hot dumb italian mike says

    Ironically, soccer has the highest number of closeted gay men. But they wont make comments for fear of being found out. Qatar largely depends upon A LOT of shopping/tourism to keep em solvent. Not to mention its 2 damn hot!

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