Chris Brown Tweets Support for Gay Rights


Singer Chris Brown tweeted his support for gay rights on Monday, along with a link to an AllOut petition to help gays under attack in the African nation of Cameroon.

Wrote Brown: "Love is not a crime. Gay or straight. Love who u wanna love. Stop the hate & sign here   #Unity"

Brown has been under fire in the past for using anti-gay slurs. In June, however, he announced a single in support of a UNITY campaign encouraging "all races, genders, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight  to love each other!"


  1. Luke says

    What, so we are just supposed to forget that he is a woman beating, violent, angry, entitled piece of sh*t because he suddenly supports us gays? No, thanks. I could care less. I don’t want his support.

  2. Walt NYC says

    This is so old-school stupid. When everyone else rejects you, run to the gays, because they are so desperate for allies, they will welcome you with open arms. Except, this isn’t the 1970’s anymore. Sorry about it, Chris. Take a hike.

  3. Larry says

    Chris Brown has dissed Frank Ocean and Drake by using gay slurs against the both of them and now this. dude is a nutcase, either you’re a bigot or our friend but don’t be both at the same damn time

  4. Francis #1 says

    Don’t like Chris Brown for obvious reasons, but really, anyone who raises light to what’s occurring in Cameroon and Africa with LGBT there is welcome by me. The act, not necessarily the person. But Chris does have many followers so he making a statement of support can have at least a little impact with some young people.

  5. danielw says

    what is wrong with you hateful queens?! no one is perfect but it seems he’s attempting to make amends. i want to see what happens next, to see if this is a real act of contrition or just a marketing ploy.

  6. JMC says

    He’s actually been very supportive and defensive of his gay and transgender fans over the last couple years, which I found to be super surprising. Obviously he’s a morally repugnant person all around but I think his bigotry begins and ends with misogyny.

  7. danswon says

    Nice to hear he’s growing up a bit. And yes, redemption is possible for all of us who have done stupid and ignorant things in the past. His music still sucks though.

  8. Mike says

    “He’s actually been very supportive and defensive of his gay and transgender fans over the last couple years.”

    That’s because he has no other choice. His career is in the toilet and everyone hates him. Well, anyone who isn’t a moron.

    PS – his “music”? It’s the most auto-tuned piece of crap I’ve ever heard in my life.

  9. 809 says

    This campaign is targeting African countries. That’s right, the same place you all complain about being repressive. Lots of Africans still think being gay is a ‘white man’s ‘ disease. Chris Brown message will be influential in changing young minds in that region.

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